Xenoblade Chronicles X Off the Record Hidden Mission Guide

How to complete Off the Record hidden mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X by solving all the riddles and acquiring Level 5. 

Off the Record is one of the many side missions you can complete in Xenoblade Chronicle X. You must reach level 4 and finish the quest “Off the record” to move up to level 5. This task will appear in Mission Control, and completion is required to unlock level 5 of any skill.

The issue that most players encounter is that despite having mechanical and archaeology field abilities at level 4, they are still unable to initiate the Off the record mission. The operation of the BLADE terminal may be one of the potential causes of this.

The terminal can’t display all missions at once since there isn’t enough room for them. Missions will therefore be displayed at random. You should accept them as soon as they appear at the terminal before leaving. If not, another mission might be sent in its place.

Since this mission is about solving riddles, it won’t be too difficult for you if you are excellent at them. There is no need to worry if you are not, though. Start the game, read this guide, and you’ll get the answers to the riddles for each of the three objectives.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Off the Record Hidden Mission

This guide details everything you need to know about completing ‘Off the Record’ optional mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X:

The first thing you need to know is that you need to solve riddles which will allow you to acquire Level-5 and complete the said mission.


Riddle #1


“In the court of the forest gods, a brood of sentinels here do flock.”


You need to find Sentinel’s Nest which is situated on the east side of Divine Roost in Noctilum.

Riddle #2


“Across the table where titans feast hides an insect you must defeat.”


You need to find and defeat Calore who can be located in the Infernal Ledges Cave in Cauldros; near the northwest edge of Titan’s Table.

Riddle #3


“If you seek a pure white shell, to the east does it now dwell.”


You need to head over to Oblivia and gather White Forfex Shells from there.

Riddle #4


“In fields of green in New LA, ask in the morning to find the way.”


During morning-time, you need to head over to the Residential District and speak with Solan near Deliverance Park.


Riddle #1


“Soar deep into the skies and seek the forgotten land’s ultimate peak.”


For this, you need to acquire yourself with a Flying Skell and explore Mount Edge Peak in Oblivia.

Riddle #2


“After dawn o’er land of white, a rare red foe appears to smite.”


For this, you need to eliminate Lyla’s Galdr who can be found on the east side of Lake Ciel in Sylvalum from 05:00 to 07:00 underneath the Noctilucent Sphere.

Riddle #3


“Etchings of ancient beasts to find? Seek a stony shore in fired climes.”


You need to head over to eastern side of Cauldros and find Savage Sketches.

Riddle #4


“In suburban glory in a setting sun, the afflicted tell of what’s to come.”


You need to head over to Residential District in the evening and speak with Solan there.


Riddle #1


“Take this elevated corn to hand, atop the peaks of a delusional land.”


You need to head over to the very top of Delusion Mountains in Sylvalum and gather Pale Maize from there.

Riddle #2


“Atop the forest’s eternal cascade, a bitter baron awaits the blade.”


You need to head over to the west side of Everwhelm Falls in Noctilum and eliminate multiple Acid Diluses found there.

Riddle #3


“Above an early land do hover, courting birds whose seal you covet.”


You either need to head over to Primordia or Oblivia and collect Auravis Courtship Feathers from there.

Riddle #4


“Where ordnance takes first breath, collect your spoils after sunset.”


For the final riddle, you need to head over to Outfitter’s Test Hangar during night and speak with Solan there.

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