Xenoblade Chronicles X Characters

Learn about all the different characters you will meet throughout your adventures in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you are going to find a lot of characters during your journey. Some characters will be really helpful to you, and some will also annoy you. This guide will cover all the details you need about the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

List of Characters in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Most of the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles X are related to each other in a way or two. Like you will find Lin and Elma together in the story missions most of the time.

The same is the case with Lao and Douglas, who are also good friends. You meeting with all these characters is like a chain. After meeting a character, you will continue to meet more and more characters as part of the story.

Below you will find a complete list of all the characters you will meet in Xenoblade Chronicles, X.

  • Elma
  • Tatsu
  • Lin
  • Cross
  • Irina
  • Guin
  • Lao
  • Douglas
  • Nagi
  • Ru
  • Maurice
  • Van Damme


Elma, as we already know, is the main protagonist and belongs to the Full Metal Jaguar class. She is a member of the Reclaimers division of B.L.A.D.E. She was tasked with searching the crashed pods.

The reason for searching is she might find some people. She also rescues the player from the crashed pod. You will find her in many stories and affinity missions of the Xenoblade Chronicles X.

She served as a colonel of integrated government forces on earth. The weapons she uses include Dual Guns and Dual Swords.


Tatsu is a native to the planet Mira and is mistaken to be food. He used to call Lin Linly. Lin even wants to cook him dinner, but he won’t.

Humans used him as the source of information about Planet Mira and life there. He used to think of himself as a leader among the humans.


Lin is a quite young character in the game, and you can make her part of your party. She is an expert engineer at the B.L.A.D.E and quite a genius. Lin doesn’t like fights and wants to work on machines.

She belongs to the Shield Trooper class and uses Gatling Gun as a weapon and has a major role in the whole game, and you will need her to complete all story missions along with the Elma.


Cross is an avatar that can be customized according to your needs in Xenoblade Chronicles X. You can choose gender, style, and voice for her. Her default voice is the voice of Shulk.


Irina is again a member of the military organization Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She was also a senior officer.

Irina works under Elma as a member of the government spec-ops vehicular instructor corps called Doll Squad. She respects Elma and can do anything to protect the inhabitants of planet Mira.


Gwin is an officer who used to work under Elma and Irina in the guidance squad. He messes things up a few times, but you can’t say anything about his honesty. He likes Irina and admires her work a lot.


Lao is another team leader of the military organization B.L.A.D.E.  He has an amazing sense of judgment and combat abilities, noticed by Elma as well.

Despite his looks, he is a really sensitive character. He is a friend of Doug, and they serve together in the U.S. Army.


Douglas is another member of the B.L.A.D.E who served under Elma. He has been a friend of Lao since they spent in the U.S. Army. He is a skilled military man and best known for piloting Dolls.

He is not a tough man, and you can even make fun with him. During the Doll tests, Lyn often makes fun of him, but he doesn’t mind.


Nagi is the former captain of the White Whale and also serves as the military chief. He plays with his life daily just to protect those living on the planet Mira. He is a patriot who is always ready to die for his land.


Ru is an inventor in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He used to sell his inventions to the Nopon and another native in exchange for food.

Ru is a bit strange character and holds Earthlings with curiosity. He is quite good with proverbs.


Maurice was a bureaucrat of the former U.S. Secretary of Defense. He also serves as the assistant to the President. His positions are not just limited to these.

He also appoints himself as the chief administrator commissioner of NLA. Currently, he is serving as the representative of mankind on planet Mira.

Van Damme

Van Damme is another commander of the military organization B.L.A.D.E.  Before this, and he works at Moby Dick as the chief engineer. He is not a polite guy and known for hurting people through his words.

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