Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Valdi Best Arts, How to Recruit and Use

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players find themselves on the journey to Swordmarch to help clear their names. Of course, you cannot find and defeat the true enemy alone and need companions along the way. One of the recruitable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Valdi the Healer. This guide will introduce you to Valdi, how to recruit him in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and a brief introduction to Valdi’s arts.

How to Unlock Valdi

Valdi is an important addition to your team. Valdi starts off as a War Medic class and it’s always good to have a medic on your side to help you when things get rough.

To be able to recruit Valdi, you need to complete the Hero Quest The Kind Right Hand. During this quest, Valdi will join your party and you can experience playing with the character. After you successfully complete the mission, you will unlock Valdi as a recruitable character in XC3.

Unlocking Valdi also unlocks the Wall Climbing skill for you, making movement a lot easier.

How to Use Valdi

As we know, Valdi is a healer. He can not only heal but also provide various buffs to your party during a fight. He has an S scaling in healing, B scaling in support, but D scaling in Attack and Defense. This means that Valdi is the last guy you want on the frontlines attacking or holding an attack.

You don’t need another Healer as long as Valdi is on the spot. He can keep the team running smoothly very easily. But since Valdi’s defense is so bad, you need to make sure that Valdi actually manages to survive fights.

Though this won’t be any sort of issue in smaller fights, longer fights such as boss battles where a lot of AoE will be used against you are a huge threat to Valdi.

Even though Valdi’s entire kit is focused around healing and buffing, a few of his arts tend to heal allies around him in form of an AoE. For this reason, it’s best that you make sure where you place Valdi before using his arts. This will allow you to maximize heals in a single turn and buff as many of your party members as you can.

Valdi’s Best Arts

Below we have mentioned the best arts to use with Valdi to maximize your healing potential in XC3

  • Heal Bullet – Heals all Allies in an AoE around him
  • Trickshot – When the art is used, the nearby allies are healed to 100% of the Healing Power
  • Surprise Beat – Boosts damage output to machine enemies by 100%

Other than these combat arts, the best Talent Art for Valdi is Technical Heal, where Valdi heals all the Allies.

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