Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Triton Best Arts, How to Recruit and Use

This guide covers everything about how to recruit and use Triton the Soulhacker in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Every character in XC3 has its own charm and a required skillset to use, and the more characters you recruit, the more options you will have to play and learn about different game mechanics. One of the interesting and useful characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Triton and this guide covers everything from how to recruit Triton, what are the best arts, and how to use Triton.

How to Unlock Triton

Triton in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a Moebius who belongs to Soulhacker class and plays the role of an attacker. Triton resides in Colony 15 and can be unlocked by completing the Doing it My Way Hero Quest in Chapter 5 of the main campaign of XC3.

For this campaign mission, you will need to head to the Ishan Isle in Cadensia Region. To complete this quest, you will have to take part in the Triton’s Contest and defeat the Gyaarks.

Then you will have to collect treasure at the Daedal Isle and then lastly you will have to defeat Arcaphor Gogol before you face Triton and his crew. Once you defeat Triton, you will be able to recruit him to your party in Xenoblade 3.

How to Use Triton

Triton is an incredible attacker with some of the best Arts in XC3. Triton’s attack hits like a truck due to the high attack and dexterity rating of Triton. Along with being an excellent attacker, Triton also has decent HP and can take a punch or two more than most other heroes.

Triton serves its role best when you are going into battle that will stretch for a long time and there are high chances that it is going to be a tough one. Triton can deal heavy damage using his Combat Arts.

Triton becomes even deadlier when you equip him with Magnificent Fist Combat Art because that will bring down the recharge timer by a lot when an attack hits the target and know that Triton barely misses.

Best Arts

Following are the best Arts for Triton in Xenoblade 3 categorized by Art Types.

Best Combat Arts

Captain Strike: It is a physical one-target attack that has a 40% chance of ignoring enemy defenses.

Ultra Boost: It is a personal stance that will boost the damage dealt by 50% and damage taken by 25%.

Magnificent Fist: It is a physical one-target attack that will recharge every art by 25% when some art hits an enemy.

Best Talent Arts

Final Countdown: It is a physical one-target attack that will boost the damage dealt by every art owned.

Triton Chain Attack Effects

Barbarous Rage: This chain attack starts with 10 TP and will randomly remove or add 50 TP upon activation and upon completion, every character will get a TP boost between 4 and 14.

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