Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Thaumaturge Guide

Thaumaturge is one of the classes that deals with healing in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Every party needs a good healer, or at least characters with a good enough healing skill to keep everyone alive. Thaumaturge not only heals your hurt allies but also does powerful combos to dent enemies.

The following guide will explain all there is to known about the Thaumaturge class in XC3.

How To Unlock Thaumaturge

You can unlock the Thaumaturge class in XC3 by recruiting Teach who belongs to the Thaumaturge class by default. For that purpose, you must complete Teach’s hero quest called “Going Beyond Power” in Chapter 3. Once you have recruited Teach, you will be able to switch your other characters to the Thaumaturge class.

Best Thaumaturge Characters

By all means, the main purpose of the Healer class is to provide a defense. Alongside defense, Thaumaturge also has the ability to deal a sufficient amount of damage provided by its Arts and Skills. In the given scenario, Mio and Taion are the best characters available to serve a purpose of a defender and a mild attacker.

Best Thaumaturge Arts

Physical Attack

Rank Splitter
This is a single-target Art and serves the purpose of healing the allies that are in range when the Art hits its maximum power.

Spearpoint Thrust
It is also a Physical Attack type AoE Art and has no effect available.

Clear Debuffs

Leaping Current
It is an AoE around user Art and has no base effect available.

Best Thaumaturge Master Skills

The skills can be generally taken for all the types of Healer classes and would be as good as they would be in other types of the Healer class. Below are the skills that are a good match for Thaumaturge.

Ninja Healer
It is a Rank 5 skill that is used to lower the aggro by 30% while healing.

Healing License
This one is also a Rank 5 skill that is used to increase the HP by 20% when healed by using healing Arts.

Thaumaturge Accessories

The whole thing in Thaumaturge builds rotates around the Healing class. The accessories recommended in Thaumaturge class are as follows.

Affection Ring
It gives an increase to the HP whenever boosted by using Arts.

Harvest Necklace
This accessory reduces the total Aggro that is produced as a result of healing from Arts.

Best Gems For Thaumaturge

The gems to be used in the Thaumaturge class can be used to give a boost to the healing abilities of the character. Below are the recommended gems for the Thaumaturge class.

It increases the healing ability of the character.

Disperse Bloodlust
It is also used to lower the Aggro generated from healing from Arts.

Thaumaturge Arts List

Talent Arts

Demise Thrust
It is a Physical Attack type Art in XC3 that has 500% power multiplication and has auto attack recharge.

Combat Arts

Divine Protection
A Set Field type Art, that has the effect around the character. It has a recharge gauge of 4 and has auto attack recharge.

Rank Splitter
It falls into the category of Physical Attack and has 180% power multiplication. It has a Recharge Gauge of 8 and has auto attack recharge.

Furious Flash
It is a Physical Attack type Art that has a power multiplication of 235%. It is a single target Art and has a recharge gauge of 9 that can be auto-recharged.

Profound Strength
It falls into the category of Clear Debuffs attacks and has a recharge gauge of 4 with auto attack recharge.

Violent Furry
A Physical Attack type Art has a power multiplication factor of 270%. It has a recharge gauge of 8 and has the ability to auto-attack recharge.

Spearpoint Thrust
A Physical Attack type Art that has a multiplication factor of 180%. It has a recharge gauge of 10.

Leaping Current
It Falls into the category of Clear Debuff attacks with a recharge gauge of 5.

Master Arts

Violent Flurry
It has a master rank of 1

Seapoint Thrust
It has a master rank of 10.

Demise Thrust
It has a master rank of 20.

Thaumaturge Skills List

Class Skills

Wheel of Rebirth
While performing a burst, this gives the allies 500% of the healing power.

While on a move, it increases the evasion by 25%.

Ultimate Qigong
When an attack on the foes is landed, the defenses of the enemies are 30% lowered.

Life-Saving Fists
When the auto attack goes to 100% of healing power, it heals the self.

Master Skills

Ultimate Qigong
It has a master rank of 5.

Life-Saving Fists
It has a master’s rank of 15.

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