Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Strategos Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a number of healer classes but what makes Strategos special is that the class not only excels in healing but also supporting allies.

During battles, the Strategos class utilizes special guns to both heal and buff allies as well as weaken enemies. The number of buffs and debuffs on hand makes Strategos one of the best healer classes to pick up in the game.

The following guide will walk you through the Strategos class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Unlock Strategos

Isurd belongs to the Strategos class by default. You, hence, have to complete his respective hero quest in order to gain access to the class.

Isurd’s hero quest is called “Unwavering Resolve” and is unlocked in Chapter 4 of the game. You first find Isurd in the commander tent at Camp Lambda upon reaching Chapter 4, talk to him to start the quest.

This is a simple hunt and rescue quest. The first objective of this quest would be to head over to Mine #3 at the Urayan Tunnels where some people are trapped. You need to rescue these people and bring them back to Camp Lambda, after which the last part of the quest remains which is to hunt the Auto Levnises at the Pira Bluffs Cave just south of the Camp.

Completing this quest would allow you to recruit Isurd to your party, as well as the Strategos Class to use with other Characters.

Best Strategos Characters

Since Strategos is a healing class, the best choice of Characters to go with it would be Taion and Eunie.

These two are highly skilled as healer class characters as they have high healing stats and class ratings. Class rating is the rate at which a particular Character ranks up the class.

Best Strategos Arts

Combat Arts

Art Attack Type Targets Effect
Earth Bind Ether Single N/A
Mirror Trap Buff Radius Around User N/A
Moondog Set Field Radius Around User Small field of effect

Master Arts

Art Effect Class Rank
Multi Blast Heal effect in an area Rank 1 War Medic
Advanced Cooldown Defense Up / Field Rank 10 War Medic
Energy Grenade Constant damage field Rank 1 Yumsmith

Best Strategos Master Skills

Skill Effect Class Rank
Sappy-Sappy Drain Boosts the success rate of debuffs by 15% Rank 5 Yumsmith
Ethereal Ability Increases the damage output of Ethereal Arts by 30% Rank 5 Tactician
Healing License Increases the amount of HP healed by healing arts by 20% Rank 5 War Medic

Best Strategos Accessories

The two best Accessories that go with the Strategos class are the Affection Ring and the Circlet of Intellect.

These two accessories not only make the healing ability of the Characters with this class more efficient but also reduces their Aggro generated so they do not draw in a lot of enemies and die earlier.

Best Gems For Strategos

There are three Gems that go pretty well with the Strategos Class, they are the Swelling Scourge, Swelling Blessing, and the Disperse Bloodlust.

These Gems are important to further increase their healing power besides their buff/debuff powers and also to further reduce the amount of Aggro generated by them.

Strategos Arts List

Talent Arts

Art Targets Buff/Debuff Racharge Type Recharge Gauge Power Multiplier Effect
Soulfire Single Attack Down Role Action 4 500% Upon usage of art, nearby allies are healed to a max of 150% healing power.

Combat Arts

Art Targets Buff/Debuff Racharge Type Recharge Gauge Power Multiplier Effect
No Love Lost Single Physical/Defense Down Auto-Attack 8 190% N/A
Razor Wind Single N/A Auto-Attack 8 325% Upon usage of art, nearby allies are healed to a max of 100% healing power.
Hornet Single N/A Auto-Attack 9 270% Upon usage of art, nearby allies are healed to a max of 100% healing power.
Moonshadow Single Bind Auto-Attack 9 130% N/A
Earth Bind Single Bind Auto-Attack 10 110% N/A
Moondog Radius Around User Regenerate Auto-Attack 5 0% Small field of effect
Mirror Trap Radius Around User Counter Heal Auto-Attack 8 0% N/A
Gyre Flow Radius Around User Regenerate Auto-Attack 5 0% Medium field of effect

Master Arts

Art Rank Mastered
No Love Lost 1
Hornet 10
Soulfire 20

Strategos Skills List

Class Skills

Skill Effect
Preemption Gambit Increases the time duration of debuffs applied to enemies by 30%
Sapping Gambit On a preemptive attack, all Allies are granted a 60% chance for and Atk. Up
Strengthening Gambit Increases the time duration of buffs applied by 30%
Prowess Gambit Buffing up Allies increases their damage output from about 20% to 200%

Master Skills

Skills Rank mastered
Strengthening Gambit 5
Preemption Gambit 15