How to Unlock Nopon Coin Xchange in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can obtain Nopon coins by simply exploring. There are two different types of Nopon Coins, Silver and Gold, with silver being easy to obtain. This guide will break down how you can utilize the Nopon Coin Xchange feature in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

These Nopon coins come in handy when you lack the ingredients for a cooking recipe or need to upgrade gems.

How to Unlock Nopon Coin Xchange in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In order to unlock the coin exchange function in Xenoblade Chronicles, you will have to first find the Milio Trick Caves near Raptor Perch, which can be found in the opening area of Dannagh Desert of Fornis Region.

After entering the cave, you will have to defeat some enemies and solve both of its puzzle gates in order to gain access to Sage’s Domicile.

There you will find a door that will directly take you to the inaccessible ledge where you will find SeekSeek and BurrBurr.

You will then Activate a Side quest named The Thrill of the Hunt, in which the game will explain to you all about the Nopon Coin Mechanic of XC3. To complete the quest, you need to deliver 15 Nopon coins to SeekSeek and then talk to BurrBurr.

How to Farm Nopon Coins

There are three methods for you to grind for Nopon Coins in XC3. The easiest way to get the coins is to unlock containers spread out into the world of Xenoblade. You will find 1-2 coins in the containers.

Second method of earning Nopon Coins in XC3 is to take part in the two-sided battles where you can fight alongside one of either faction. You will be rewarded with at least 3-4 Nopon Coins.

Lastly, you can earn nopon coins simply by doing side quests that will reward you with the coins.

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