Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Moebius B Boss Guide

This guide exists to prepare you for the battle against Moebius B and explain everything in detail about the boss in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Taking down bosses might be hard but it’s even harder if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a variety of bosses with each one featuring a new mechanic. Moebius B is also one of the trickier bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and this guide exists to prepare you for the battle against Moebius B and explain everything in detail about the boss.

Where to Find Moebius B

Moebius B is one of the most formidable bosses in Xenoblade 3 and you will face this giant boss at the end of Chapter 3 during the “Where The Heart Is” which is Zeon’s quest. The fight will take place in Colony 9 in the Aetia Region of XC3.

Moebius B Attack Types

Moebius is one of the hardest and one of the toughest bosses you have faced until this point in XC3. If you are going to take on this beast, you should know beforehand, what are you getting yourself into.

Below we have listed all of the different attacks used by Moebius B in Xenoblade 3.

Blaze Attack: This is Moebius B’s auto-attack that will inflict blaze on the nearest target.

Moebius Dominion: Healer: This is the most troublesome attack as the boss can send out a shockwave that will incapacitate every healer in your party using shackles.

Blast Wave: The boss will generate a circular shockwave that will deal damage to anyone it hits.

Power Hold: This is where Moebius B will grab a random target and incapacitate them by holding them tight, then chucking them at a distance dealing 1300 damage while also inflicting blowdown.

Blaze Party: An AoE attack that will inflict damage and blaze to anyone that comes in contact.

Atomic Cannon: When Moebius B’s HP drops below a certain point, it will enrage and then launch a laser attack that will inflict heavy damage.

How to Defeat Moebius B in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Taking down Moebius B in XC3 is difficult but not impossible if you are fully prepared and know everything about the boss. First and foremost, since this is a tough boss, you will need to be at least the same level as the boss if you want to improve your odds of winning.

It’s best to run the 2:2:2 configuration with 2 healers, 2 attackers, and 2 defenders. Zeon will also accompany you during the fight and serves the role of defender.

Healers are the most crucial part of this battle so make sure they are safe and not taking any unnecessary damage. If Moebius B launcher the Moebius Dominion: Healer attack, quickly switch to your healer and break them free from the magic using the button on the screen otherwise it will take longer.

Moebius will launch blaze attack on its own and also in combination with other attacks as well so be sure to keep your healers on standby so you can quickly recover and get back into the battle.

Don’t get too close to the boss as there are high chances of you getting caught in the Power Hold attack, which will deal lots of damage and can possibly take you out.

Prepare your chain attacks but don’t use them until Moebius B goes into enraged mode and starts launching Atomic Cannon. This is where you need to find and open and launch an all-out attack on the boss while Zeon provides the team with Armor Veil.

Rushing will get you nowhere so make sure to think ahead and take action accordingly. Keep a reasonable distance, keep attacking and eventually, the boss will go down.

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