Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Blades Guide

This Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Blades Guide details everything that you need to know about Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Blades

The world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is home to different types of Core Crystals. You get these Core Crystals whenever you complete certain activities.

They are offered as a reward. Slain enemies also drop them sometimes and if you are lucky enough, you will also find them in a chest. These Core Crystals are your key to obtaining Rare Blades.

In order to obtain a Rare Blade, you simply need to bond with a Core Crystal and you will get a Rare Blade.

You can bond each character with one Core Crystal and depending on the Core Crystal used, that character will get a random Rare Blade.

Core Crystals vary according to their availability. They range from common to rare and legendary.

The weapon obtained also depends on this however sometimes you may get a Rare Blade from a common Core Crystal and vice versa.

There are 38 Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and they fall into three categories. They are ATK (Attack), HLR (Healer) and TNK (Tank). The best way of obtaining them is by keep playing the story.

As you progress in the story, you will start getting better weapons and items and soon you will start earning Core Crystals.

As you start earning Core Crystal, you will be able to bond a character with it and give them a Rare Blade. Once bound to a character, these Core Crystals can also be switched to another character via the Manage Blades screen. Using the Overdrive option there will cause

These Rare Blades come with unique bonuses and boosts called Blade Arts. They include different Field skills and Battle skills.

These skills boost your different abilities as well as provide different additional bonuses in different situations.

The game features five main Blades, which come with unique Blade Arts. We will mention them below.

Main Blades

Pandoria will give Electric Mastery, Lockpicking and Ichthyology bonuses.

Dromarch boosts Water Mastery, Botany, and Ancient Wisdom.

Mythra will provide Light Mastery, Focus and Girl’s Talk.

Poppi gives Leaping, Nopon Wisdom along with Super Strength.

Pyra boosts Fire Mastery, Focus, and Cooking.

List of Rare Blades

Along with these five Main Blades, there are many more Rare Blades, which are being discovered gradually. We have listed the Blades known currently. We will continue to add more Blades to this list as more are found:

  1. Vasara/Basara
  2. Finch
  3. Floren/Hotaru
  4. Kubira
  5. Azami
  6. Uka
  7. Raiko
  8. Tohika
  9. Adenine/Shiki
  10. Newt/Nyuutsu
  11. Gorg/Yuuou
  12. Zakuro
  13. Vess/Musubi
  14. Idaten
  15. Mei
  16. Wulfric/Jikarao
  17. Teni
  18. Godfrey/Guren
  19. Yaegiri
  20. Mikumari
  21. Seori
  22. Linne/Rinner
  23. Wadatsumi
  24. Menou
  25. Kasane
  26. Tsuki
  27. Nanakoori
  28. Agate
  29. Ursula
  30. Boreas
  31. Godfrey
  32. Dhalia
  33. Herald
  34. Kos-Mos
  35. Zenobia
  36. Electra
  37. Sheba
  38. Nim

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