Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Blades Guide

This guide details everything about Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and find out how to unlock and Grind Rare Blades as well.

This guide details everything you need to know about Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Find out how to unlock and Grind Rare Blades and lists mentioning each type of Blade in the game.

Based on the kind and connection between Drivers and Blades, there are many categories of Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Based on their rareness, Common, Rare, or Legendary blades can be added to the team through several methods.

How to Unlock Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is home to different types of Core Crystals. You get these Core Crystals whenever you complete certain activities.

They are offered as a reward. Slain enemies also drop them sometimes; if you are lucky enough, you will also find them in a chest. These Core Crystals are your key to obtaining Rare Blades.

To obtain a Rare Blade, you need to bond with a Core Crystal, and you will get Rare Blade.

You can bond each character with one Core Crystal, and depending on the Core Crystal used, that character will get a random Rare Blade.

Core Crystals vary according to their availability. They range from common to rare and legendary.

The weapon obtained also depends on this; however, sometimes, you may get a Rare Blade from a Common Core Crystal and vice versa.

There are 38 Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which fall into three categories. They are ATK (Attack), HLR (Healer), and TNK (Tank). The best way of obtaining them is by keeping playing the story.

As the story progresses, you will start getting better weapons and items and soon earn Core Crystals.

As you start earning Core Crystal, you will be able to bond a character with it and give them a Rare Blade.

Once bound to a character, these Core Crystals can be switched to another character via the Manage Blades screen. Using the Overdrive option there will cause

These Rare Blades come with unique bonuses and boosts called Blade Arts. They include different Field skills and Battle skills.

These skills boost your different abilities as well as provide different additional bonuses in different situations.

The game features five main Blades, which come with unique Blade Arts. We will mention them below.

Main Blades


Pandoria will give Electric Mastery, Lockpicking, and Ichthyology bonuses.


Dromarch boosts Water Mastery, Botany, and Ancient Wisdom.


Mythra will provide Light Mastery, Focus, and Girl’s Talk.


Poppi gives Leaping, Nopon Wisdom with Super Strength.


Pyra boosts Fire Mastery, Focus, and Cooking.

List of Blades

Based on the kind and connection between Drivers and Blades, there are many categories of Blades. Based on their rareness, Common, Rare, or Legendary blades can be added to the team through several methods.

Mostly rare blades are unexpected rewards of Common, Rare, or Legendary Core Crystals, while some can be acquired through the main missions or by completing side tasks.

We have listed all the blades that you can have in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 below:

  1. Finch
  2. Floren
  3. Azami
  4. Adenine
  5. Newt
  6. Gorg
  7. Vess
  8. Wulfric
  9. Godfrey
  10. Agate
  11. Ursula
  12. Boreas
  13. Dhalia
  14. Herald
  15. Kos-Mos
  16. Zenobia
  17. Electra
  18. Sheba
  19. Nim
  20. Perceval
  21. Dagas
  22. Vale
  23. Praxis
  24. Kasandra
  25. Perun
  26. Theory
  27. Kora
  28. Dahlia
  29. T-elos
  30. Poppibuster
  31. Shulk
  32. Fiora
  33. Crossette
  34. Corvin
  35. Elma
  36. Pyra
  37. Dromarch
  38. Poppi
  39. Roc
  40. Brighid
  41. Pandoria
  42. Aegaeon
  43. Sever
  44. Obrona
  45. Perdido
  46. Cressidus
  47. Dolmes
  48. Akhos
  49. Patroka
  50. Mikhail

Best Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Some blades are better than others, and some lack few things compared to others. We have compiled a list of Best Rare Bloods in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that stand out and are better than the others.


T-elos are Dark elements and are peculiar in that players cannot access them until the main storyline has been finished.

She is not the most likable character to have around because she pays little attention to her Driver’s instructions, but her strength as hers is worth the stress.


Crossette is one of the DLC blades with various special qualities that make her outstanding. Her appearance is highly distinctive, radiating soft emotions but maintaining sharp edges. Her character is a load of fun.

She admires Pyra in a really adorable way and seems to find Mythra repulsive. She’s one of the most entertaining blades to watch as she engages with her surroundings.

She always strives to become a better person and has excellent loving instincts.


They are men who frequently pass for women but possess a heart of kindness, caring, and grace.

They loathe seeing nature suffer or their Drivers in danger since it is their first and only genuine passion hence why a damaged tree is the focus of one of their Blade Quests.

Since no storyline Blades contain the Earth element, rare Earth-element Blades are constantly in high demand. The Bitball is among the strangest yet most practical weapons available.

Even though they are more frequently seen on Healers like Floren, their quick striking speed makes it simple to do damage.

His Arts eliminate Debuffs and half aggro, while their Skills boost the party’s overall healing capacity. They will almost certainly rescue you from most tricky situations if used appropriately.


KOS-MOS is the Rare Blade with the worst odds in the whole game. Like T-elos, she has tremendous Power and contributes something special to the party.

She has a very frigid personality, although not intentionally. Rather, she lacks practically any emotional expression and is incredibly robotic.  She is eager to follow instructions, which is helpful for a fight partner.

Kos-Mos represents the Light element, making her maybe the only Light Blade in the whole game. She is an Attacker who employs an Ether Canon, which has advantages and disadvantages.

Although it is a somewhat sluggish weapon, it is much more potent and enables Drivers to strike from range without attracting aggro. But the fact that her Abilities have several different impacts is what makes her extremely great.

She may increase Special damage while decreasing opponent defense, and she can decrease damage while increasing damage dealt. There isn’t another Rare Blade with skills nearly like hers


Zenobia has an imposing aura and is a loose cannon who tries to attack anything and everything that moves.

She is also nearly naked. However, multiple sequences demonstrate that she is quite adept only with her fists; she fights with a greataxe.

Just her Power can rival her love for war and powerful foes, which frequently leaves her disillusioned in how easily she prevails in battles. However, many issues are much worse.

She is a vicious fighter who excels when facing the most challenging foes. Her arts are a fantastic advantage since they raise the critical hit rate and speed up weapon arts recharging.

The actual benefits stem from her skills, which will improve the harm she does while battling bosses or rare creatures and when against more powerful foes and foes in one go. In essence, Zenobia does better when the circumstances are against her.

How to Grind for Rare Blades

It’s worthwhile to search out every Rare Blade, but doing so will take a huge amount of RNG. To make the act of looking for Rare Blades easier, there are several activities you may do.

To increase your chances of receiving Rare Blades, you might start by raising your Idea Levels and Luck. Then you just crack some of them open and grind for the cores.

By Raising Idea Levels

Boosting your Idea Levels is one way to simplify the hunt for Rare Blades. The four equal Idea Levels are Bravery, Truth, Compassion, and Justice.

They affect the components that the Blades you connect with are most likely to acquire on their own.

  • Your likelihood of receiving Fire and Water Blades is affected by bravery.
  • Your likelihood of receiving Wind and Ice Blades is affected by the truth.
  • Your likelihood of receiving Earth and Lightning Blades is affected by your compassion.
  • Justice has an impact on your likelihood of receiving Light and Dark Blades.

You are much more likely to get Blades with the same elemental makeup as those linked to the inflated stat if either of these numbers is greater than the others or if you are using Power-ups to temporarily boost the stats. Idea Levels serve another use, though.

Your chances of receiving a Rare Blade increase with your overall Idea Level. You, therefore, have a somewhat increased probability of getting the Blades you desire by employing Boosters.

However, if you’re motivated, you may work for Idea Points to increase your base levels and improve your likelihood of acquiring Rare Blades.

You must complete Blade Affinity Charts to receive Idea Points. To choose which statistics to boost, heed the icons on the Affinity Chart. Every Blade grants several sorts of Idea Points.

Take lots of Normal Blades and deploy them all on Merc Missions. This is the greatest method to fill up Affinity Charts.

When Blades return after a mission, they gain Trust and have the opportunity to fulfill some of the criteria on the Affinity Chart. You may gain Idea Points faster by using Common Blades on the Missions since they have fewer prerequisites than Rare Blades.

If you prefer, you can just equip a good number of Common Blades and go around slashing things, but who likes to do that when you can easily finish side tasks or work for Core Crystals as you stand in line for Merc Missions to be completed. There are other ways to raise your Idea Levels as well.

By Raising Luck Stat

Boosting the Luck Stat is the second approach to simplify the hunt for Rare Blades. Your ability to connect with a Rare Blade is also strongly influenced by Luck. There are a few various means to boost it.

Accessories are the quickest method to increase your Luck, but they’re not easy to come by.

Before you see Titans in stores, you might need to improve your Development Level by a handful.

Wait on opening a good amount of Core Crystals until you’re better leveled because merely leveling up your Drivers would also raise your base Luck.

If you really must go right away, at the very minimum, discover if your Drivers’ Affinity Charts contain anything that boosts Luck.

If they do, wait until they have enough skill points to pay for it. You’re prepared to start mining for Core Crystals now that you’ve established a larger possibility of success.

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