Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Field Skills Guide

This guide will cover Field Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and tell you about the features, complexities, typess and intricacies.

Field Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can be difficult to understand since the game is not very informative. This guide will cover Field Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and tell you about the features’ complexities and intricacies so that you can understand them and use them to your advantage during your playthrough.

You can use the Field Skills for many things, such as opening chests for loot or clearing obstacles, which are integral to your experience.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Field Skills

Field Skills are tied to every Blade that you recruit, giving you skills that are used out of combat, essentially in the field. There is a huge amount of Field Skills, each having a different purpose.

You can access them by going to the Blades Menu and then using the ‘R’ and ‘L’ keys to switch between the abilities to find the Field Skills menu. This will mention all of the Field Skills that your Blade has.

Similar Blades may have different Field Skills, so be sure to check out every one of them. Now let’s look at how to use Field Skills, level them up, and utilize your weak blades.

How to Use Field Skills

Using Field Skills is quite easy. Go to the place which requires the skill, and an interaction menu will appear. On your right side, you will see the required field skills for you to be able to complete the interaction.

Now you need to get yourself a blade with those attributes, and you will be able to access whatever lies beyond that point.

Leveling Up Field Skills

If you do not have the required skills for a certain blade and cannot access something, you can level up your skills. One thing to remember is that you can equip 2 Blades of the same skill and they will stack, such as two Blades of three focus each will stack and equal 6 focus. This will probably not work at later stages of the game so you need to learn how to level up.

Move to the Affinity Chart and find the skill that you need to unlock, I am sure it is obvious to you how to use the Affinity Chart since you will have already used it plenty of times. Just remember that Field Skills are highlighted with a green background so you can easily locate them.

Using Useless Blades for Field Skills

You will have a few useless Blades, and you can use them for your skills. You can equip multiple blades which are weak and use them for field stuff such as feeding animals or harvesting something.

Just make sure that you look at the field skills of the Blade before you release it so that you do not release a blade that could have been important for you.

Using Rare Blades for Field Skills

Rare blades play an important role when the field skills are assigned to Blade after you draw them. They are the highest ranked and the most Powerful blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Apart from being the most recommended blades in the game, rare blades also consist of set field skills and can be found in the Tranquility side quest.

Field Skills List

Before going any further, remember that the field skills are divided into a few classes. Below we have arranged them according to each class.

Item Collection Field Skills

This category of skills increases the amount of loot the players will acquire from the loot collection points. For better loot, you must have a higher level of these skills.

This category is special as it allows you to complete a few fetch quests.

  • Agronomy (Vegetables)
  • Botany (Plants)
  • Entomology (Insects)
  • Forestry (Trees)
  • Ichthyology (Fish)
  • Mineralogy (Minerals)
  • Salvaging Mastery (Salvaging)

World Interaction Field Skills

World Interaction Field skills are used for better interaction with the World of Alrest. These skills only work on rare/special blades and sometimes unlock new areas in the game.

  • Ancient Wisdom (Decoding ancient writing etc)
  • Focus (Focusing on a specific task)
  • Fortitude (Assists with staying-power)
  • Girls’ Talk (Talk to the ladies)
  • Keen Eye (See things with clarity, noticing small things)
  • Leaping (Jump to high places)
  • Lockpicking (Open locks like doors and treasure chests)
  • Nopon Wisdom (Knowledge of all things Nopon, including the language)
  • Super Strength (Pretty self-explanatory – lift things, smash things, etc)

Crafting Field Skills

These skills enable you to make special pouch items; that play an important role in the game. However, to acquire these skills, a particularly rare or special blade is required.

  • Cooking (All about food. Exclusive to Pyra)
  • Dumpling Pro (More food – but dumplings only. Exclusive to Vess)
  • Patissier (Pastries and other sweet things, yum. Exclusive to Gorg)
  • Weaving (Create brilliant fabrics. Exclusive to Vale)

Mercenary Field Skills

Common Blades are required for these skills. These field skills are only usable during Merc Missions.

  • Expeditionist (Can use full strength even when away from Driver)
  • Industry Mastery (Machine repair and upkeep)
  • Info Collector (Collecting Info)
  • Production Mastery (Making Things)
  • Transport Mastery (Moving goods quickly)

Elemental Mastery Field Skills

  • Dark Mastery
  • Earth Mastery
  • Electric Mastery
  • Fire Mastery
  • Light Mastery
  • Ice Mastery
  • Water Mastery
  • Wind Mastery

Blade Exclusive Skills

These field skills are used in the story or the side quest and can only be for a single blade.

  • Miasma Dispersal (Roc)
  • Passionate Soul, Justice-Loving Soul and Kind Soul (Godfrey)
  • Assassination (Perceval)
  • Prospecting (Agate)
  • Fleet of Foot (Boreas)
  • One Lucky Gal (Kasandra)
  • Chivalry (Perun)
  • Harmony (Ursula)
  • Phhonex Linguistics (Nim)
  • Extra-Ancient Wisdom (Adenine)
  • Mastery of Thunder (Electra)
  • Birdbrain (Finch)
  • Beguiling Charms (Floren)
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