Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Star-Crossed Lovers Side Quest Guide

Star-Crossed Lovers is a challenging and meaningful Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This Side Quest involves protecting and helping the lovers Rhiannon and Norman. This guide discusses the side quest’s location, walkthrough, and rewards.

Star-Crossed Lovers Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Star-Crosses Lovers is located in the Gormitt Province in the Upper-Level Left area near Melnath’s Shoulder. Approach Rhiannon and Norman to start this quest.

Star-Crossed Lovers Walkthrough

When the player approaches Rhiannon and Norman, a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene battle to save the lovers begin. During the battle, the player must be careful to avoid attracting more enemies, making the fight troublesome. Focus on the four-level 14 Grambl Tirkin and defeat them to finish the battle.

After the fight, please speak with the lovers to earn their gratitude. As a consequence of the fight, Norman will be hurt, and you must assist in preparing medicine to heal him. In this regard, Rihannon will request you to find 2 Shepherd’s Purse and 2 Dawn Hydrangea and bring them to her brother Nils. Players can find these items from collection points nearby.

The player must proceed to a path heading up the mountain near the couple to get the items. On the path, there will be a chest and collection point. As mentioned above, these items are located at collection points. Repeat this trip until you get all the required items for the medicine

Next, speak to Nils, standing to the right of the Inn near the Torigoth’s Abble Fountain. Hand over the items to Nils, and he will start preparing the medicine. He’ll ask the player to speak to his parents. Speak with his parents, and you will receive the medicine. Head back to Greatspine Boundary to give Rihannon the medicine and tell her you spoke with her parents. With this, the quest is completed, and you will be rewarded.


The player receives a handsome reward for completing the Star-Crossed side mission. The following is a list of the records:

  • 1060 Gold Units
  • 210 EXP Points
  • 95 SP
  • Blade Combo Boost I
  • Affinity MAX Barrier I

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