XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Abilities Guide

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Abilities to help you learn all about the different Faction Abilities in the game along with ways to farm Ability Points.

This XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Abilities Guide will tell you how to quickly farm ability points in the new game that can be a tricky task for some players. Apart from this, the guide provides a comprehensive detail of all of the new abilities in the three new Factions that have been introduced in the War of the Chosen expansion so you do not have to spent time being bored while getting to know what each of those abilities do.

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Abilities

We have detailed all the Faction Abilities as well as some tips to help you farm more Ability Points in the game.

Ability Points Farming

These points are used to level up your special units. They reward you for using smart tactics so there are a number of ways to level up these points. One of them is to do specific covert actions and the other one is to kill an enemy in a specific way as explained in the following paragraph.

When you are concealed and you kill an enemy you get an Ambush Kill, this can be easily done at the start of missions and grants you Ability Points. Apart from this, you can use the Flanking Shot in which you have to move to a location where you have a clear shot of the enemy rather than going through cover to eliminate them.

Lastly, you can use the Height Advantage Shot which is pretty self-explanatory, get to a higher ground than the enemy and kill him to gain ability point for this shot.

Faction Abilities

The Skirmisher Faction

The skirmishers utilize Assault Rifles and grappling gauntlets. Use this faction if you like moving around the map while shooting.

Rank: Squaddie
Standard shots do not end turns allowing for multiple shots in a turn.

Rank: Squaddie
Grapple a humanoid towards you and deliver a Ripjack strike.

Rank: Squaddie
Gain an extra action for the next turn when fired upon.

Rank: Corporal
Deal +1 damage on wounded targets

Total Combat
Rank: Corporal
Using an item or throwing a grenade does not end turn

Rank: Sergeant
Uses grapple to pull to an enemy and deliver a Ripjack strike.

Zero In
Rank: Sergeant
Consecutive shots on same target provide +10 critical chance.

Rank: Lieutenant
Attack an enemy with an electrical lash.

Full Throttle
Rank: Lieutenant
Gain 2 mobility with every kill that turn.

Combat Presence
Gives an extra action to a squad mate.

Free ripjack attacks on enemies in melee range.

Perform a single action instead of firing.

Rank: Major
Can take as many shots as remaining actions when entering Overwatch.

Rank: Major
Unlock Ripjack Slash attack.

Manual Override
Rank: Colonel
Lower all ability cooldowns by 1.

Rank: Colonel
Take a turn after each enemy in line of sight takes a turn

Rank: Colonel
Enemy has a chance to panic when targeted.

The Templar Faction

These guys use psionic energy and their swordblades to fight in melee range so remember to put more power in your damage stat and gather focus to enhance their abilities.

Rank: Squaddie
Melee attacks have a chance to stun the target.

Rank: Squaddie
Deals low damage but jumps to nearby units at higher focus.

Rank: Squaddie
Gain it during missions for enhancement of your stats.

Rank: Corporal
Prevents damage from the next attack after using rend (instead of moving).

Rank: Corporal
Targets hit by Volt are easier to aim at.

Rank: Corporal
Marks a target to take 33% additional damage.

Rank: Sergeant
Rend attacks gain 33% chance to gain focus.

Rank: Sergeant
A pillar is summoned to act as cover.

Stun Strike
Rank: Sergeant
Strikes an enemy and knocks them back.

Rank: Lieutenant
Templar has a chance to deflect attacks when it has Focus.

Rank: Lieutenant
Dead enemies leave psionic energy which can be collected to raise Focus.

Rank: Captain
Switches locations with an enemy.

Rank: Captain
Having 2 or more focus grants you a chance to reflect shots back at your attacker.

Deep Focus
Rank: Captain
Maximum Focus is increased to 3.

Arc Wave
Rank: Major
Rend generates psionic energy in the attack’s direction.

Rank: Major
Switches locations with a squad mate.

Ionic Storm
Rank: Colonel
Lightning strikes all nearby enemies

Void Conduit
Rank: Colonel
Imprisons a humanoid in a Psionic trap, rendering them useless for multiple turns and transferring their health to you.

Rank: Colonel
Duplicates a fallen humanoid.

The Reaper Faction

Reapers have the ‘Shadows’ ability which allows them to stay in stealth until they engage an enemy. Use claymores and sniper shots to take down enemies using this class. These are the Reaper abilities:

Rank: Squaddie
Gain an advanced form of concealment.

Rank: Squaddie
Throw a targetable explosive.

Remote Start
Rank: Corporal
Detonates an environmental explosive

Blood Trail
Rank: Corporal
Shots deal +1 damage on wounded enemies.

Target Definition
Rank: Sergeant
Units seen by Reaper remain permanently visible.

Rank: Sergeant
Claymore has +1 Radius and +3 Damage.

Silent Killer
Rank: Lieutenant
Vector rifle kills do not increase chance of a shadow break out.

Rank: Lieutenant
Claymore kills put you in Shadow.

Rank: Lieutenant
Shots taken in shadow have +2 armor piercing.

Rank: Captain
Fire 1 shot while preserving your shadow.

Soul Harvest
Rank: Captain
Kills increase crit chance by 5 up to 20.

Rank: Major
Carry 1 more Claymore.

Rank: Major
Shoot a target until ammo depletion or death.

Homing Mine
Rank: Colonel
Attach an enemy with a Claymore.

Rank: Colonel
Keep firing at a new target if you kill someone with Banish.

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