Xbox Series X Loads Gears 5 In 8 Seconds

Yet another demonstration proves how the lightning-fast internal solid-state drive of Xbox Series X will change the way games are played.

The year-old Gears 5 apparently takes around 8 seconds to load on Xbox Series X. If that sounds a bit too much, note that the same game takes a whopping 53 seconds to load on the current-generation Xbox One X flagship.

Something important to note is that the demonstration (below) is presumably with the unoptimized version of Gears 5. As one of the launch titles of Xbox Series X, Gears 5 utilizes Smart Delivery to be part of the oncoming next-generation launch. That means all current owners will receive the next-generation versions for free. That also means Gears 5 is yet to receive an update by developer The Coalition which makes the game next-generation-ready. It can be safely presumed that the same loading times will be further reduced at launch.

Doom Eternal, as another recent example, takes around 5 seconds to load on Xbox Series X compared to 10 seconds on Xbox One X, and that too with a swapped out solid-state drive. Xbox One X takes a lot longer with the default hard drive to load Doom Eternal.

Destiny 2 notoriously takes a long while to load on Xbox One as well as Xbox One X. The game however takes roughly 90 seconds from start to landing on the moon on Xbox Series X. Again, these metrics are for the unoptimized versions. Destiny 2 has been confirmed to receive a next-generation update in early December and which should reduce the loading times further.

With pre-orders getting wiped clean as soon as they go online, Microsoft hopes that everyone is able to purchase one unit in time for the holiday season. Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10, 2020, for $500 and $300 respectively.

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