Xbox Series X Loads Destiny 2 As Quick As Google Stadia

It has already been established that the solid-state drive of Xbox Series X will help drastically reduce loading times in games. It may come as a surprise though that Google Stadia does the same job as well.

According to a side-by-side comparison from earlier today, Xbox Series X loads Destiny 2 at nearly the same speed as Google Stadia. The impressive loading speeds are also not limited to the main menu. As showcased, both platforms load different sections of Destiny 2 at nearly identical speeds.

Something to note is that these are pre-release consoles sent out to publications, online influencers and online content creators by Microsoft. The preview hardware is further running Destiny 2 in backwards compatibility mode, meaning that the game has not been optimized to take full advantage of next-generation hardware. That in turn means Destiny 2 will have further reduced loading times when fully optimized, which developer Bungie has promised to do with a free update once Xbox Series X launches worldwide.

Destiny 2 took a long time to load on Xbox One in comparison. The game, despite being unoptimized, takes roughly 90 seconds from start to landing on the moon on Xbox Series X, which is more than impressive.

As another example to demonstrate the solid-state drive, Doom Eternal was confirmed a couple of weeks back to take just 5 seconds to load on Xbox Series X. The older Xbox One X with a swapped out solid-state drive still takes about 10 seconds to load the same game. Like Destiny 2, Doom Eternal was also running in backwards compatibility mode.

Xbox Series X launches on November 10, 2020, for $500.

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