Insomniac Games Confirms That Sunset Overdrive Isn’t Getting Xbox One X Support

Insomniac Games tweeted about a Sunset Overdrive Twitch stream and while replying to the comments they revealed that it won't get Xbox One X support.

There may have been years since we last seen Sunset Overdrive but Insomniac games still haven’t forgotten about it. Recently the company announced a Twitch stream featuring the game and now they are announcing that it won’t get Xbox One X support anywhere in the near future.

Insomniac Games made Sunset Overdrive’s name be heard again since they announced a stream on Twitch where they would play the game with Brandon Winfrey, former Insomniac Games writer and nowadays a host/producer for InsideGaming and Machinima. The stream was hyped on Twitter and now for the obvious reason. It seems like fans thought the stream was hinting something and so the rumors started.

Many claimed that Sunset Overdrive is getting a PlayStation 4 version or a sequel is coming or even that it has something to do with Xbox One X’s release. Insomniac Games was quick to respond to that last one saying that they have “no plans on that front right now”.

Insomniac seems to rely a lot on Twitter since recently they also dropped another bomb. While replying to a fan on Twitter who asked about Sunset Overdrive 2, the studio noted that they would love to develop Sunset Overdrive Sequel but, they need a publisher to back them up for the project. And if the Tweet is to be believed, it seems that Microsoft is not interested in the sequel.

The studio has made its presence on Twitch and Twitter quite noticeable. This was a part of their rebranding effort which also included changing their logo and opening job spots for new projects.

The developers of Insomniac Games are currently working on a Spiderman title for the PlayStation 4 in collaboration with Marvel. There is not yet a stated release date for the game though but the studio says to be several times larger than Sunset Overdrive.

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