2017 Is “The Year Of Xbox One Scorpio”, Says Microsoft Execs

The new year is upon us and Microsoft has turned up its hype machine for Xbox One Scorpio which will launch in 2017. Microsft execs has taken it to the Twitter and are calling 2017 the year of Xbox One Scorpio.

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Head of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg, welcomed the fans to the new year saying the upcoming system will be a “beast”.

It is 2017, the year of PROJECT SCORPIO, are you ready for the beast!?

Microsoft Studios community manager Josh Stein also expressed similar sentiments for Xbox One Scorpio through his Twitter account.

The tweets worked their magic and fans got excited and asked Xbox head, Phil Spencer, to announce the release date for the upcoming console. However, Phil Spencer played it smart and took a measured approach on this matter saying it will be a good year for Xbox One and will wait on hype until they have games to show.

@BeastFireTimdog Going to be a good year. Work to do on games, platform, XBL and hardware, fun times. Im waiting to hype until we show games

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 1, 2017

Microsoft has been marketing the Xbox One Scorpio as the most powerful console capable of native 4K gaming. While the console will definitely pack 6 TFLOPs under its hood but not all developers are convinced that the performance or visuals boost will be significant enough initially.

According to Tarsier Studios’ Dave Mervik the initial Xbox One Scorpio graphical boost will not be impressive and after some time we will start to see the graphical enhancements as developers get a hang of the console.

He further added that with 6 TFLOPS of computational power we will see games running on native 4K at high frame rates and this will set a high bar for other console manufacturers to follow.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to make a comeback with Xbox One Scorpio? Let us know in the comments.

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