Xbox One Backward Compatibility Allows Cross-Platform Multiplayer and Support For DLC

Xbox One backward compatibility features multiplayer with Xbox 360 gamers and DLC supports as well.

Microsoft E3 press-conference was full of exciting content and announcements, but probably the most interesting piece of news to come out of the event is backward compatibility.

The feature will allow players to run some of their most favorite Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. The idea looked promising but what we didn’t know is how the multiplayer portion of these titles is going to work?

According to Microsoft, multiplayer will work seamlessly as if you were playing on your Xbox 360. Players on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 can enjoy cross-platform multiplayer with One’s new backward compatibility feature.

Microsoft corporate vice president Kudo Tsunoda explained:

It’s just like playing a version of the Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One. Any of the things in terms of multiplayer, you’ll still be able to play both with people on Xbox One who are running the content and also those who are playing on Xbox 360. Those just work well together.

The next big worry for gamers is their DLCs and expansions, will they also work? Sure they will. The extra content should appear next to games in your library.

Backward compatibility will go public this holiday season with no extra cost. Meanwhile, members of the preview program can try out the feature right away.

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