Xbox Mobile Controllers Protyped With Microsoft Research

As the era of mobile gaming is at its peak Microsoft is looking to develop new Xbox controllers which tend to the design of phones and tablets.

As mobile gaming continues to grow Microsoft is developing Xbox controllers for it. Developers are upgrading mobile games too while console video game development flourishes. In this regard, a research conducted by Microsoft made some prototypes.

On many occasions, gamers have raised their concerns about controllers for mobile gaming. These concerns are quite justified. The reason behind it is that upgraded mobile games without proper controllers are of no use. So, quality must get raised on all levels.

The touch controls on phones and tablets do not make the experience of users worthwhile. So, researchers have given some prototype designs for Xbox mobile controllers. To be honest these designs tend to address the issue in the most satisfying way possible.

This research has gained its inspiration from handheld consoles like PSP and Switch. Both these devices provided with buttons instead of the touchscreen controls. These buttons give a proper feel of a joystick controller. The paper also states:

“As smartphones and tablets have become pervasive, so has mobile gaming. Not surprisingly, popular games for these platforms are focused on touchscreen-based interaction. However, many types of game are less well-suited to mobile devices. Despite systems like AdaptControl which can adapt to the ‘drift’ typically occurring when using virtual on-screen controls, touchbased emulations of traditional gaming controls like Dpads, buttons & joysticks are often unsatisfactory.”

Apart from these Xbox mobile controllers, Microsoft has addressed such issues before. A Greaseproof controller came out not so long ago for Xbox. Players could eat and play with this handy controller.

Meanwhile, Microsoft was able to sell about 40 million controllers to PC gamers. Steam also backed it with saying that PC gamers love using controllers. Sony has also tended to the user demand for controllers.

An unknown leak suggests the PS5 controller design is also out. Furthermore, they also provide expensive controllers to those who like to collect.

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