Xbox Live Rewards Sending Out Xbox Gift Cards to Valued VIP Players

Microsoft appear to be sending out more Xbox Gift Cards to "VIP" members of the Reward Scheme, giving them $15 as a thank you for their dedication.

Sometimes it feels rare that the Xbox Rewards Scheme actually gives out some prizes for your dedication to the Microsoft consoles, but it seems today may be one of these times. Though we can’t be sure just how many people will be rewarded.


The sign that rewards are being given out came on Reddit when user Magespower revealed they were given a voucher for $15 for their dedication to the Xbox. This was based on the fact they were a valued VIP, revealing:

“This December we’re looking back at five years of rewarding you as a valued VIP. Your passion for Xbox has helped make all of this possible, as well as earned you rewards on eligible purchases of games, movies, TV shows, and more. So to show you how much we value your dedication, please accept this $15 Xbox Gift Card – No Strings attached!”

Though there is an obvious string attached, it is an Xbox Gift Card, it is still a nice gesture to people who own the Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Looking down the comments from other users, this has led to amusing posts about getting print out cakes instead. From memory, I seem to remember getting that “print-out cake” myself one time.

While this is amusing, there are also other posts about people receiving gift prizes of different amounts depending on their VIP level. Any celebration in this way of people’s dedication to a brand is always nice especially from Microsoft.

What are your thoughts on the rewards? Have you received any? Let us know your thoughts below.

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