Xbox Game Bar To Get New Task Manager For Games

The built-in Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 will receive a brand new task manager to help players monitor their system resources while playing games.

The same can also be done presently by opening up the traditional Windows Task Manager with Ctrl+Shift+Esc to see which applications are siphoning the most resources. However, that forces Windows 10 to minimize the game, making the whole process a bit annoying. The upcoming task manager of Xbox Game Bar will instead open up through an in-game overlay without minimizing the game.

The upgraded Xbox Game Bar will also be reportedly (via WindowsCentral) lighter and highly customizable so that players can pin tailored widgets on the screen to keep an eye on their system resources at all times. The gamer-centric task manager will utilize iconography and color-coded labels to chart the impact applications are making in the background. Hence, players can stay informed about their system resources without having to take a break from playing.

Xbox Game Bar was released alongside Windows 10 as a built-in feature that can be accessed with Windows+G to record clips or take screenshots. However, pretty much no one uses the Xbox Game Bar for the said purposes. The reason being that recording clips and taking screenshots can already be done through several third-party software out there.

Nvidia GeForce, for example, can do the same and more. Launchers like Steam and Uplay can do the same as well. Monitoring applications like MSI Afterburner are something that most gaming enthusiasts have always installed on their systems.

The upgraded Xbox Game Bar will have to find a place among all of the aforementioned options. The feature currently remains in beta for Xbox Insiders and will be rolling out as part of a standard Windows 10 update at some point down the road.

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