Xbox 360 Controllers To Be Used By US Navy For Submarines

Video game industry has been growing at an exponential rate and despite that video games are played for fun but, their accessories are being used for some serious tasks like the US Navy is going to use Xbox 360 controllers to operate periscopes on submarines.

The first Xbox 360 controller will be used for USS Colorado and if that is successful then more Xbox 360 controllers will be added other Virginia-class submarines. The controller will be a relatively cheaper solution compared to an intricately designed, heavy and expensive control stick which costs $38,000.

With the controllers attached to operate periscopes on submarines the time to train has also been reduced to just a few minutes from hours which is rather impressive. Also, the controller will be easier to replace if it goes out of order.

Speaking with The Virginian-Pilot, Senior Chief Mark Eichenlaub said that he “can go to any video game store and procure an Xbox controller anywhere in the world, so it makes a very easy replacement.” He further added that other technologies such as touchscreens will be implemented to the navy in the future.

Speaking of controllers, Microsoft has given the green signal to Hyperkin to remake the Xbox Duke controller. Hyperkin will not only manufacture but, will also distribute the controller.

Xbox Duke controller launched for the original Xbox in 2001 and it was called duke due it’s huge size.

What do you think of a gaming accessory being used for operating periscopes on submarines? Let us know in the comments

Source: GameReactor

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