WWE 2K19 Has Over 200 New Strike Animations To “Make The Game Fun Again”

Creative Director, Lynel Jinks revealed in an interview that making the game great and fun again was the ultimate motto for WWE 2K19

The professional wrestling video game, WWE 2K19, is days away from its release on October 5th. Lots of promising content is coming our way as developers will bring more fun to the game. The Creative Director of WWE 2K19 spoke how valuable the improvements are to make the game fun.

Creative Director, Lynell Jinks expressed the ideas behind the game development to DualShockers. Jinks highlighted the element that has been missing from the prior WWE titles. The fun added to WWE 2K19 would allow users to experience enhanced animation options. He further commented on the improvements in the game that developers seek the most:

I mean, you’ll see across the board. A lot of the improvements range from gameplay, with the payback and overcharges, to what we did with Hell in a Cell and steel cage matches, speeding up the animations, new strike animations — which there are over 200 new strike animations and reactions — what you can do with the creation suite and seeing block body, the atmosphere that we’ve added to the arenas while creating an arena, the cell-shaded feature in Create-A-Show, the Towers, and all the improvements we’ve made to Road to Glory with the skill trees.

Further, Lynell told that WWE 2K19 has the one thing that previous installments fell short of:

And it’s just every aspect of the game. We really try to improve on and take people’s feedback. But also, I keep saying our motto this year is “make the game fun again,” and not take ourselves so seriously. In years past, we’ve nailed the simulation part of the game but where I felt like we failed was making the game fun. This is a video game, it should be fun. At the end of the day, it needs to be fun and that was one thing we kept coming back to. Every feature that we looked at, it’s like, “Is this something that the fans want, and is this fun?” We tried to make sure that that was the case.

2K Games have also revealed the gameplay details about WWE 2K19 like improved frame rate. Furthermore, WWE 2K19 is bringing a major Women’s Revolution to the fans. The complete roster of the game is star-studded as well. Lynell Jinks also discussed other issues in the extensive interview, which would make WWE 2K19 the best gaming experience of the franchise yet.

Source: DualShockers

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