WWE 2K18 MyPlayer Attributes Guide

WWE 2K18 MyPlayer Attributes Guide to help you learn all you need to know about different Attributes and Sub-Attributes in MyPlayer of WWE 2K18.

This WWE 2K18 MyPlayer Attributes Guide gives you a comprehensive overview of all of the attributes and sub-attributes so that you know what you need to upgrade to make your wrestler the complete package.

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WWE 2K18 MyPlayer Attributes

The Attributes are grouped into 10 major attributes which are itself divided into sub-attributes which influence their overall effectiveness.


Striking increases the damage that you deal with arm and leg attacks along with increasing strike reversal chances.

Arm Power and Leg Power affect the damage that you deal when using the respective part whereas Foreign Object Offense affects the amount of damage you do with objects such as chairs and tables. Strike Reversal increases your ability to reverse strikes.


Grappling increases your damage dealt when using grapple offense. The Grapple Offense stat indicates the amount of damage dealt by your attacks whereas the Grapple Reversal stat affects your Superstar’s ability to reverse the opponent’s grapple attacks.


Power directly affects how much you can lift. The Strength determines the amount of weight. The Running Offense stat determines the amount of damage you deal while running.

The Environmental Offense stat shows how much damage you inflict by attacks using barricades and ring posts. The Power Submission Offense and Defense are an indicator of damage done and received by power submissions.


The Head, Body, Arm and Leg Durability all reduce the damage that is done to the aforementioned body part.

The Damage Recovery stat affects how quickly you are able to recover Hit Points after sustaining damage and the Pin Escape refers to how difficult is the pinfall mini-game for your Superstar.


The Chain Wrestling stat determines your proficiency when chain wrestling. The Technical Submission Offense and Defense affect the damage that you inflict and receive when in technical submissions.


As the name suggests, sub-attributes of this category help you with reversals. The Reversal stat in itself determines the maximum amount of reversal stock that you can have whereas the Reversal Offense determines the amount of damage dealt by reversal attacks.


Agility is responsible for your speed when you climb the turnbuckle. The Aerial Offense is a stat that affects your damage by diving attacks whereas the Aerial Range affects the maximum range of diving and springboard attacks.

The Aerial Reversals stat is responsible for reversing diving attacks on you and the Springboard offense affects the damage you do from the springboard.


The Movement speed affects how fast you can walk and run. The Strike Speed affects the speed of your striking attacks whereas the Grapple speed affects how quickly you can do the aforementioned move. The Chain Wrestling speed is responsible for how fast your mini-game gauge fills up.


Stamina stat itself represents how quickly your stamina decreases whereas the Stamina Recovery stat helps your stamina regenerate faster. The Momentum stat affects the rate at which your Superstar will gain momentum.


The only stat in Promo is Mic Performance which affects how easily your Superstar is able to draw interest from the crowd during promos.

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