WWE 2K18 Features That Already Have Us Excited

A number of WWE 2K18 features have been confirmed by 2K Games. Some are new while others are returning features.

A number of WWE 2K18 features have been confirmed by 2K Games. Some are new while others are returning features that will contribute to the overall experience. The game has been overhauled for this year’s release, adding more depth and exciting features to the mix.

Here are the features we are already excited about and are going to improve the overall experience for all of the players.

Create-A-Match Returns

Create-A-Match is a returning feature but 2K Games is marketing it as a new feature due to its improvements this year. There isn’t much revealed for the time being but we are hoping for actual match customization. There was a lack of depth in last year’s game in regard to the Create-A-Match feature. Players would usually just decide the match type.

We are hoping that this year players will be able to actually decide the stipulations and restrictions of the matches they play. The good news is that the developer’s blog indicated these feature to be a part of WWE 2K18.

There is a new Mode in Town

It has been confirmed that the WWE Showcase, as well as the Road to Wrestlemania mode, are no longer a part of the series, at least for now. There is a new mode called Road to Glory where players will compete in matches to qualify for WWE PPV events. The players will select from 8 different fighting styles to fight. Details are very limited for the time being as developers remain tight-lipped.

Universe Mode Getting Some Attention

The universe mode has been stagnant for a while but it is getting something new. Each character you play as will have a set goal that you need to reach. There is also a revised progression system for a more natural feel. Moreover, we have storyline cutscenes and a different approach to the ranking system.

Rumble in the Jungle

We can’t remember a time when 2K paid proper attention to the Royale Rumble. However, things are about to change this year as the Royale Rumble is getting an overhaul. Players will see more elimination options this year as well as a new mechanic called quick elimination.

Graphics Engine Overhaul

The biggest change to the series comes from the fact that the developer is rebuilding the graphics engine for WWE 2K18. Even higher fidelity visuals are going to enhance our experience.

WWE 2K18 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as well as Nintendo Switch in later this year.

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