WWE 2K17 Tips – Reversals, Submission, Taunts, Running Attacks

WWE 2K17 Tips to help you get familiarised with the basics of the game including different tactics, controls, etc.

There are not many notable changes in WWE 2K17 from earlier iterations, but if you are new to the series, there are some things that you need to be aware of. How to deplete your opponent’s stamina, how to force a submission, etc. are things which can easily help you win more fights.

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WWE 2K17 Tips Guide

These WWE 2K17 Tips will definitely help you grab a basic understanding of the game’s core mechanics and how to master them perfectly.

Basic Movement

You move about the arena using the left analogue stick and use the left bumper in order enter/exit the arena. If you continue to tap LB, it will put you on the apron and if you hold it, you will completely exit the arena.

LT is used to run and can be combined with LB – tapping – to slide out of the arena. It is important to keep running to a minimum to conserve stamina.

Basic Attacks

Normal attacks are executed by pressing X which can be chained in together to perform a combo. If you continue to hold X, you will land a strong attack which deals more damage and can be linked into combos. It goes without saying that strong attacks are relatively slow and can be avoided without much difficulty.

You need to press A in order to grab your opponent – the animation can be varied depending upon the direction. Grabbing an opponent from front side without any direction will put him/her in a face lock. If you hold RT during a face lock, you will be able to drag the opponent around the arena.

Advance Attacks

You can combine running with a regular attack in order to execute a running attack. This is a pretty useful attack – especially in corners, when an opponent is on the ground, etc.

While facing the coupler, tap LT to reach the middle of it or continue to hold it to reach the very top. Once you have climbed the coupler, press X in order to attack. Coming to Irish Whips, they are done by pressing B – you can continue the Irish Whips by either going with a grapple attack or a regular attack.

Alternatively, you can press the Irish Whips button again – near the ropes – to toss an opponent over the top rope.

Reversals, Submissions, and Taunts

During an opponent’s grab attack, press RT as soon as you see the on-screen prompt to execute a reversal. Although reversals recharge over time, you should not try to spam them. In addition to Normal Reversals, there are Major Reversals as well. These reversals – soak up 2 reversal slots – negate your opponent’s ability to reverse any ability for a short duration of time.

There are a number of taunts available as well which vary in their effects. You can find an overview of these taunts after the break:

  • D-Pad Up – Standing Taunt, Fighter Boost
  • D-Pad Right – Damage Boost and Grapple Boost
  • D-Pad Left – Increases Momentum for Signature Moves and Finishers

Once you have downed an opponent, you simply need to tap B in order to pin him/her.

Coming to submission, it has two phases. Firstly, you need to make sure that your opponent has the least possible amount of stamina available. The lower you can take it, the higher your chances at a successful submission.

In order to quickly deplete your opponent’s stamina, you can use Rest Hold. In order to successfully execute Rest Hold, you can either grab your opponent from behind or grab him/her once and then press the grab button once again. Once you have successfully done that, you need to try and weaken one of the limbs and work your way towards the submission.

This is all we have on WWE 2K17 Tips & Tricks Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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