WWE 2K15 MyCareer Guide – Best Moves, Attributes, Skills, SP and VC

WWE 2K15 is a now available on PS4 and Xbox One and with the release of current-gen versions, MyCareer mode has made its debut.

MyCareer mode though is for created superstars only and it takes you to the NXT performance center, where you start off as an NXT wrestler. From there, your dream of becoming a part of the WWE roster and eventually a champion, begins.

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WWE 2K15 MyCareer

Following guide will help you make your superstar better, stronger and a force to be reckoned with.

Selecting Moves

MyCareer mode gives you an option to customize your entire move-set according to your preference. Most of it doesn’t matter much and you can choose the moves you like. However, when it comes to selecting your signature and finisher, that’s where you need to be careful.

Signature is a string attack and can be accessed after you fill-up the momentum meter. Signature is important because hitting it will also give you the option to hit your Finisher.

Finishers are the strongest attack and you can often win matches after you successfully hit it. We can take the example for the “Spear” from Roman Reigns. We don’t often see people recovering from that, do we?

Now, one of the most important tip is to select a Signature that is easy to perform. Same goes for the Finisher.

Avoid selecting the ones that take more effort to set-up, such as a powerbomb from a turnbuckle. This will give your opponent less chance and time to counter your attacks and you’ll avoid being on the receiving end.

It can be beneficial if you choose a Signature that’s a running attack. These are quick and easy to perform and will leave your opponent laying on the floor.

Also, select a Finisher that can be performed just by standing in front of the opponent. These can also be performed on grounded opponents after hitting the Signature. Your character will then automatically perform the finisher, once the opponent stands up.

Which Attributes You Should Boost

After you are done with your moves, increase the character’s stats by using SP. This will increase his speed, strength and skill but which stats to improve?

At the beginning, you only have a limited amount of points which you can spend for boosting your stats. So, it is important to choose wisely.

Stamina is one of the most important things. If you’re low on stamina, you’ll move slower.  And if you’re really low on it, your character won’t perform certain counters or moves.

To perform Signature moves, you need to fill up your momentum meter. Boosting this attribute will fill-it-up much faster.

Strike and Grapple Counters
In WWE 2K15, counters are not an easy thing to perform. So to make things a bit easier, boost these stats. If you don’t, you’ll have a hard time with counter moves and your opponent will have that advantage over you.

Offensive Attributes
Both arms and leg offense will increase the damage you inflict, so it will help with moves such as punches, kicks, stomps, leg drops and other similar moves.

Around half of your offense is made up to Grapple Offence, so it is important that you give it a boost. Running Offence is going to increase the damage you do with running attacks. They can be very useful in turning the tables during a match.

Last but certainly not the least, Durability. This will increase your defence for certain body parts. Secure your body and then the head beacuse these two take the most damage.

Which Attributes to Avoid

There are some stats that won’t help you much during a match. It’s better to avoid wasting your points on them. You can boost them later, after you are done with the above mentioned important ones.

You’ll keep earning points through MyCareer, so there is no issue in avoiding the below mentioned attributes for the time being.

Chain Wrestling
Chain Wrestling is something that can happen at the very beginning of a match if the wrestlers engage in what looks like a grappling contest. This happens once or maybe twice during a match and you can do well, even if your Chain Wrestling stat is low.

Leg And Arm Durability
Not many moves focus the attack on these certain body parts. So, you can afford to ignore this attribute until you are done with the important ones.

Foreign Object Offense
Boosting this stat will increase the damage you do by using weapons.There are only some specific match in which weapons are legal. So, this one can wait a bit.

Skills and VC

There is also another currency separate from SP known as VC. You can also use this to boost attributes. Furthermore, VC can be used to purchase Skills. There are a number of Skills to choose from but one of the most important ones is the Comeback.

Comeback is an easy to perform quick-time event. You can activate it with a press of a button. Whenever you feel that you’re not going to come out on top and opponent is proving too much to handle, Comeback will help you get on top of things.

Once you activate the quick-time event, a bunch of buttons will prompt on the screen. After which you’ll get a Signature move and you already know what happens after you perform a Signature move. yes! it’s time for a Finisher.

It’s an expensive Skill and will require you to save-up a bit. However, it’s completely worth it. Each week, you’ll get a set amount of VC.  Win or lose, you’ll get it.

Similarly, when it comes to SP you’ll get it even if you lose. However, you’ll get more if you win the match or put on a good show.

If you want to put on a good show or match, use a variety of different moves. Basically, use as many different moves as you can during the match.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to ask in the comments below!

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