Worst PS4 Game Ever Is Now Called “Brawl”

Developer Bloober Team has the dubious honors to have made Basement Crawl, the worst Playstation 4 game ever released, according to critics. Currently, the game tanks at a Metacritic score of 27.

Basement Crawl was the darker child of Bomberman. It’s an arcade game played on a tile grid, where characters put down bombs.

Its goal is to trap opponents between obstructions and explosions that can’t be avoided. Locations and characters may change, but the model usually stays the same, even in this release.

When Basement Crawl released, it was a Playstation 4 exclusive. Still, its nearly invisible dark visuals and troubled build made it no fun to play at all.

There’s the possibility of local play in the game with up to four players, while online battles handled eight players. Just imagine the chaos there.

After the terrible launch of Basement Crawl, the developer vowed to make amends with the audience. It’s been a little quiet on that front since then, but it has finally reemerged.

A trailer for the game was sent out. Inexplicably, Bloober Team didn’t host the video themselves, nor are their media feeds active. That’s part of the problems, gang.

There’s not much shown that’s really new in the clip. Quick snippets reveal a slightly lighter appearance with more color contrast applied to cel-shading.

Really the only thing that’s immediately discernible is Basement Crawl’s name change, which will henceforth be known as Brawl. That’s both clever in the sense that it shortens the original name and it distances the team from that train wreck.

Via Chip.pl.

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