World War Z Weapon Upgrades Guide – How to Unlock Weapon Upgrades

World War Z features a huge array of weapons that can come in handy depending on the situation you’re in. Furthermore, you can upgrade these weapons to gain an increase in power. However, before doing so, you need to unlock these weapon upgrades. Before we dive into upgrading a weapon, let’s take a look at different weapon categories in World War Z.

World War Z Weapon Upgrades

  1. Tier 1: Scout Rifle, Compact SMG, Shotgun, Pistol, Machine Pistol
  2. Tier 2: Assault Rifle, Sporting Carbine, SMG, Combat Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, PDW, Compact Shotgun
  3. Tier 3: Assault Carbine, Battle Rifle, Bullpup Rifle, Advanced SMG, Assault Shotgun, Crossbow
  4. Melee Weapons: Machete
  5. Heavy Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Payload Rifle, RPG Launcher, Machinegun, MGL, Heavy Assault Shotgun, Chainsaw

Best Weapons in World War Z

The Combat Shotgun has a wide-spread because of which you can target an entire zombie group at once. It’s best for close-quarter engagements where you are in tough spot and zombies are approaching from all directions.

Stun Gun isn’t a direct firearm but a piece of equipment. It can prove to be incredibly useful if used correctly. Using the Stun Gun, you can use it to stop an advancing zombie to buy some time.

The Advanced SMG is a very light yet lethal weapon and is considered the best weapon in World War Z.

Unlike the above weapons, Silenced Pistol is a bit stealthy as you can kill an enemy from a distance without creating any panic. The best way to use the Silenced Pistol is to kill as many enemies as you can silently.

How to Upgrade Weapons?

After completing each mission, you’ll receive Coins and XP. These coins can be used to upgrade your weapons. In order to access the Upgrade Menu, you’ll have to click on the matchmaking session, after which you’ll see Customization Options.

You can use your coins to upgrade your weapons in this Customization Menu. Try to upgrade the weapons you prefer using during missions.

To upgrade a weapon, you’ll need two things basically. The first is Weapon XP which you can increase by using a certain weapon during missions. Try to use the weapon you want to upgrade so you could earn its XP.

Secondly, you’ll need supplies which can be earned by completing a match. Try to play on harder difficulties so that you can earn more supplies or coins. If you need a TL;DR.

  1. Try to Use the Weapon You Want to Upgrade As Much As You Can During Matches to Earn Weapon XP
  2. Complete Matches in Harder Difficulties to Earn Coins/Supplies

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