World of Warcraft Shadowlands Covenants Guide

World of Warcraft Shadowlands brings with it a new gameplay mechanic called Covenants. Each of the four World of Warcraft...

World of Warcraft Shadowlands brings with it a new gameplay mechanic called Covenants. Each of the four World of Warcraft Shadowlands Covenants basically represents four different factions in the Shadowlands that you can represent for various bonuses.

In order to unlock a Covenant, the completion of its respective event is required. This guide details how you can unlock the Four Covenants in WoW Shadowlands, how you can use them along with the Abilities they possess.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Covenants

Just keep in mind that your selection plays an important role in your ability usage, your Soulbinds selection and will also affect the Conduits you choose.

Each Covenant in WoW Shadowlands is associated with a particular special event that provides you a higher position alongside the rewards you’ve earned.

These Covenant related special events are

  • The Kyrian special event
  • The Necrolord special event
  • The Night Fae special event
  • The Venthyr special event

The Kyrian Special Event 
The Kyrian special event, Path of Ascension, is a series of 1-1 battles that consists of buff selections for your challenges.


The best part about it is that you can receive temporary boosts by creating items through the use of Covenant-specific crafting. This method applies for both you and Soulbind.

The Necrolord Special Event
Abomination Factory is The Necrolord special event and allows you freedom to test your crafting skills by crafting a makeshift Undead body that assists you in your tasks such as healing, collecting and many more.

The Night Fae Special Event
Queen’s Conservatory serves as The Night Fae’s special event and assigns you a task to take care of the garden of souls; which are ready to be reborn.

Once you’ve completed the task without any errors, you’ll receive rewards such as a cache (resources, mounts, pets and cosmetic items etc.).

The Venthyr Special Event
In The Venthyr special event, Ember Court, you gather up few guests, pick up few performers, items and please the guests at the grand party.

Once you’ve completed the events in Shadowlands and unlocked your Covenants, it’s time for you to learn few pointers about what Covenants are useful for.

The main aim of Covenants in Shadowlands is to aid you in your tasks. In short, you can use them for anything.

If you want to trade your Covenant for another, you can do that also however, if you choose to return to your previous Covenant, it becomes a headache as it requires few additional quests to complete to start off where you left.

Best WoW Shadowlands Covenants

Kyrian are from the Bastion Zone and allows players to use Summon Steward ability to call an owl friend for your help in a battle along with providing you with a Phial which cures your injuries and increases your damage.

This Covenant resembles an Angel with its blue, gold, halos and wings. Kyrian covenant rewards with Armored mecha-cat mounts as well as Halo and wing-themed cloaks.

Necrolord are from the Maldraxxus Zone and use Fleshcraft; an ability which gives you damage shield that increases when you’re near a dead enemy.

This Covenant resembles death and consists of Skeletal long-tailed mounts that look like rams, a shield-like back piece and skeletal bone wings.

Night Fae
From the Ardenweald Zone, using Soulshape it can transform you into a blue spectral fox, giving you maximum speed.

This Covenant resembles Nature and consists of a sparkly deer mount, a shiny pod-like backpack and curly, intricate deer-horn-themed backpiece.

Venthyr are from the Revendreth Zone. Using Door of Shadows covenant ability players can teleport to a target location in a swirl of blood mist.

Since the Venthyr represent vampires and darkness, their abilities and aesthetics reflect that. The mount style changes to a bear-like creature with elf ears.

Characters representing Venthyr get gold and red shoulder mantles with blood dripping from them.

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