Wolfenstein 2 Weapon Upgrade Kits Locations Guide

Here are all the Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus weapon upgrade kits locations that you need to know in order to upgrade your weapons.

As compared to the previous entry in the series, you will notice that the weapon upgrade system is a bit different in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. While we could upgrade our weapons using specific items such as Shotgun Upgrade, the process is done now by employing Weapon Upgrade Kits.

These items serve several purposes, such as higher damage output and accuracy for your gear. This guide covers the locations of all available Weapon Upgrade Kits in Wolfenstein 2.

Evas Hammer (Three Kits)

Kit#01 (Shooting Range)

You can find a weapon upgrade kit at Set Roth’s shooting range on the Evas Hammer. This is not available in the early game and you will need to complete a few missions and unlock one of the three Contraptions for Blazkowicz before this weapon upgrade kit shows up.

Kit#02 (Contraption Training Area)

Second kit will be available at the end of the Contraptions Obstacle Course, next to the button used for opening the exit vent.

Kit#03 (Kill House)

The third Kit can be found near the right wall in the Kill House, but you have to deactivate the trap entrance before that.

Manhattan (Six Kits)

Kit#04 (Ruins Destroyed Building)

While doing a mission in this location, you will find a huge Zitadelle enemy. This enemy can be recognized easily as it will have a flamethrower arm and be shooting missiles at you the other. The weak points of this enemy are its limbs.

Once you have killed this enemy, you need to head into the state building (broken one). Go right and then a few steps ahead, and you will find the weapon upgrade kit beside a table with some pages. If you take the elevator and have not found it, you have missed it. You can, however, load the game and try again.

Kit#05 (Subway)

While pursuing the Subway District mission, you’ll eventually enter the subway to progress further. From there, head to the office with a control/switch to move the subway train. Go inside by destroying the door, and you will find the kit on the floor on your right.

Kit#06 (Harbor)

Go to the second floor of the first building in the district. Use the fire escape to climb up the next floor. The upgrade kit will be right in front of you as you reach the top.

Kit#07 (Penthouse)

There is another weapon upgrade kit in this region. You will have to find Grace and her crew and fight off the Nazi waves. Once they are dead, spend some time to look around the penthouse. You will find the new colossus weapon upgrade kit in the upper part of this penthouse, on the stairs on your right.

Kit#08 (Bunker Control Room)

An upgrade kit can also be found in the lower level of the control room in the Nuclear Bunker. You can spot it on the right edge of the said area.

Kit#09 (Bunker First Section)

Another kit can be found in the secret room on the second floor. You can access this room through a vent, with the help of the Constrictor Harness or Ramshackles.

Roswell (Two Kits)

Kit#10 (Downtown)

The Ubercommander Assassination mission in this area requires you to unlock the Enigma Machine. Once you have done so, head to the Super Spesh’s hideout. You will find the weapon upgrade kit on the desk.

Kit#11 (Underground)

You can find the weapon upgrade kit when you leave the diner and pass through the tunnel in the Roswell mission. When you exit the tunnel, you will find a Kommandant indicator pop-up.

From where you are standing at the end of the tunnel, you must drop to your left side and kill some enemies. The kit can be found in the right corner of the tunnel exit.

Mesquite(One Kit)

Kit#12 (Farmhouse)

During the Monster mission, you will find yourself in an old farmhouse. The weapon upgrade kit can be located on the shelf in the basement of the building.

New Orleans (Five Kits)

Kit#13 (Wall)

One kit can be found in the side control room on the top level.

Kit#14 (Ghetto)

In the maintenance building, you can remove the yellow striped door to enter the ground floor. This is where you will find the weapons upgrade kit, under the hanging flag beside the radio.

Kit#15 (Bienville Street 1)

While riding the Panzerhund dog inside the Nazi flag base, you will see a building right before entering the underground tunnels. Look around, and you will find the new colossus weapon upgrade kit there.

Kit#16 (Bienville Street 2)

You can also find another one when you pass through a locked section of the sewer and are attacked by the alligator. You must have the Ramshackles to unlock this section.

Kit#17 (Lakeview)

Another kit can be found in a room of a large building located at the left side of the Central Road during the main mission. You can spot it in a corner of the said room.

Venus (Four Kits)

Kit#18 (Habitat)

This upgrade kit can be found in the “Raum 1” of the living quarters.

Kit# 19 (Oberkommando)

Similarly, another kit can be found in the luggage cart in a large room on the second floor of the long hallway.

Kit#20 (Transporthalle 1)

Once the Zitadelle has been defeated, you must enter the tunnel and defeat the Kommandant. Once you are done with that you’ll exit the back of the hanger through a large door and take the long ladder going upside. This New Colossus weapon upgrade kit can be found once you reach the top of the ladder. It will be placed on the opposite side, on a small platform.

Kit#21 (Transporthalle 2)

Go directly below the Ubercommander while completing the Ubercommander mission. The weapon upgrade kit will be in the narrow area, the same place where you can spot the Battle Walker Contraption.

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