How To Get Dragon Vein Crystals In Wo Long

Surviving through challenging missions involving formidable Wo Long Fallen Dynasty foes requires acquiring as much healing as possible. The Dragon’s Cure Pot alone cannot fulfill your healing needs, as you can use it only up to a limited number of times. To upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will need Dragon Vein Crystals.

The basic Dragon Cure Pot does not provide enough healing to last against stronger bosses. For that very reason, upgrading the dragon cure pot with dragon vein crystals is necessary.

Each Crystal permanently increases the number of usages of the Dragon Cure Pot in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This can be substantially useful for you in upcoming fights as the missions become longer and more complex, and you start facing much stronger opponents than the previous ones.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Vein Crystal locations

You can easily find these dragon vein crystals while completing the primary story levels in the game. However, you need not worry if some of them are missed, as the missions are replayable, and you can collect the Crystals by completing their particular missions.

Note that all of the Dragon Veil Crystals are vital if you want to upgrade your healing capacity and the number of uses of the Dragon Cure Pot.

Below we have provided specific missions and locations corresponding to Dragon Veil Crystals, making it easy to find them whenever you desire.

The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven dragon vein crystal

Opening the gate of the fort will lead you to the adjacent rooms. The Dragon Vein Crystal is placed on a bench in one of these rooms, where you can acquire it.

Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch dragon vein crystal

Having reached the courtyard with some pools, you will get the Crystal in the corner of the room opposite the Battle Flag.

Tyrant’s Final Banquet dragon vein crystal

Slay the Soldier wielding an Axe by sneaking up on him running along the bamboo garden. Get to the other corner of the fence, and you will find the Crystal in the Vault there.

The Way of the Warrior dragon vein crystal

After defeating the Terracotta soldier, you can acquire the Dragon Vein Crystal in a chest. The Soldier you have just slayed will place the chest behind you.

Behold the Glaive of the Righteousness dragon vein crystal

Defeat a couple of soldiers guarding the door, and go to the left side after crossing this door. You will encounter a big dummy demon with a hammer in its grip. Get the Crystal on the back side of the monster.

Now that you have collected these Dragon Vein Crystals, your gameplay, and survival will be much easier through the upcoming levels. An increased usage limit will help your curative needs in the long run.

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