How To Purchase Armor Enchantment Slots In The Witcher 3

Gear enchantments can drastically alter your powers as a witcher in The Witcher 3 so allow us to explain how these enchantment slots work.

With the long life and multiple expansions of Witcher 3, many of the game’s mechanics go unnoticed. One of the greatest new mechanics for The Witcher 3 was added in the Heart of Stone expansion, is the option to equip weapon and armor enchantments in different gear slots.

Several new enchantments are available for you to purchase, allowing players to upgrade their magic and skills further. Of course, there are a limited number of enchantments that Geralt of Rivia can equip in gear slots in The Witcher 3. To equip an enchantment in TW3, you need to have Enchantment Slots ready.

Here, we will help you learn about the Enchantment Slots in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and how you can increase the number of slots you have to equip runewords and glyphwords at any time.

How enchantment slots work

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Heart of Stone allows players to equip different enchantments. For this, you need to have vacant slots on your gear on which you can equip the enchantments.

Generally, any Enchantment Slot on your weapon allows you to use Rune Stones on them, and any armor enhancement slot will enable you to equip Glyphwords on them. These two are not interchangeable, and you can only replace the Runes and Glyphs on your gear. 

How to get Enchantment slots in The Witcher 3

You do not get any armor enchantment slots from the get-go so your starting gear cannot have enchantment slots. You must progress through the game until you meet the Runewright in the Upper Mill as part of the Heart of Stone expansion. Once you unlock Runewright and get him to help you, you can add enchantment slots to your armor and weapons.

You can add only a limited number of enchantment slots on your gear. Even with a Runewright, you can add only three enchantment slots on your Weapon and Chest Armor. Along with these three, you can add two slots to your trousers and one enchantment slot for your boots. In total, you can get 3 Enchantment Slots on your weapon and 6 Enchantment Slots on your armor. 

Unfortunately, there are no armors in the vanilla game that allow more Enchantment Slots. You can go for mods that allow you to get armors that can equip more than the fixed number of enchantment slots that you can get on your armors. 

How to unlock Runewright

The first step for getting Enchantment slots is unlocking the Runewright in TW3. Although the Runewright is found on the Upper Mill, you need to be level 32 to unlock his skills for yourself.

When you reach level 32, head to the marker for Runewright and pay him 5,000 Gold to help him repair his tools. After you have paid the starting fee, you will unlock the next quest for unlocking Runewright.

You need to get a pickaxe and get to each of the quest makers you get. Here, you need to mine Jade for the Runewright, and once you get the Jade back to the Runewright, he can then start crafting low-level enchantments. 

You need to help Runewright upgrade his shop to get better armor enchantments. You can upgrade the shop to two tiers, the first upgrade costs 10,000 Gold, and the second upgrade costs 15,000 Gold. 

Each upgrade allows you to craft higher-level enchantment Runes and Glyphs for yourself. 

Best armor for Enchantment slots

Although upgrading to better armor allows you to get better mix-ups of power-ups, this is far from the truth. In reality, there is no armor that is best for enchanting in The Witcher 3.

The thing is that whenever you upgrade one of your gear to add new enchantment slots, it removes any upgrades that you might have already set in the armor. Additionally, when you fill the slots, you cannot change them without destroying the enchantment runewords or glyph words that you already have set in your Witcher gear. 

Your best bet is to go for any armor with the secondary boosts you require. This allows you to upgrade your slots without sacrificing the enchantments you actually want. 

For example, suppose you want to get arrow deflection as your primary power-up and damage resistance as your secondary power-up. In that case, you can go for the Mastercrafted Ursine Armor set, which naturally offers you the secondary power-up you want. You can upgrade it to equip the Glyph that gives you arrow deflection. 

Since the number of slots you can get on all armor is the same, you can opt for any armor set you want without fearing missing out on anything. This includes master witcher gear as well which means the slots you get on master gear are the same as regular armor in The Witcher 3.

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