Will Darksiders 4 Happen Considering the Sales of D3?

Darksiders 4 would happen? Will it really? Is there hope for Darksiders 4 release at some point in time after the poor sales performance of Darksiders 3? Gunfire CEO confirmed that there is going to be another Darksiders game, however, the latest release would first have to hit a certain sales number.

The good news is that the sales number isn’t even that high for Darksiders 4 to happen. The CEO of the company stated that Darksiders 3 sales would only need to hit 100K for them to consider working on D4.

Darksiders franchise has always had a niche audience but the franchise sustained itself thanks to its moderate development costs. The return hasn’t always been great but the developers made enough to keep their heads up the water and still be able to work on more games.

No one knows exactly how many copies this franchise sold as of today. But rumors say that the number is somewhere around 75K on Steam. We don’t know how many were sold on consoles both digitally and physically. But it is safe to say that Darksiders 3 sales have gone past the mark set by Gunfire Games.

The number should be high enough for Gunfire to start working on Darksiders 4. But it should be pretty clear that the tale of the four horsemen would end with Darksiders 4’s story. The third installment sets up the next game in a way that the end is pretty clear. There are going to be twists and turns along the way but in the end, Darksiders 4 would probably be the last we see of the series. Of course, there could be spin-offs.

Anyways, fans of the franchise should rest assured that Darksiders 4 is likely to happen at this point and in the next year or so we should hear something about it. Of course, it will surely be a PS5 and Xbox Scarlett game.


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