Wild Hearts Silken Thread Locations: Where To Find Cocoons

A variety of materials are needed to craft and upgrade your gears in Wild Hearts. Most of these are common, but some are harder to find and only found in specific locations. Wild Hearts Silken Thread is one such upgrade material you will need later in the game. But you will find it at the earlier stages of the game, so make sure to hold onto it.

How to get Silken Threads in Wild Hearts

In order to get the Silken Threads in Wild Hearts, all you need to do is to venture out to the Akikure Canyon once you reach Chapter 2. This is the only region where you can get Silken Thread.

There are several cocoon locations in Akikure Canyon that you must find. These cocoons appear as spider webs growing on rocks and ground in Akikure Canyon. They are never found on walls and cliffs, so keep your eyes on the ground. 

Your first Wild Hearts cocoon will be discovered after being tasked with investigating the abnormal changes around the Fuyufusagi Fort. Move towards the west side and you will notice a shrine. Your first Silken Thread will be on its right side.

Silken Thread is a high-grade crafting and upgrading material that is used in many armor sets and weapon upgrades. We recommend you gather and collect as much Silken Thread as possible even though you will not have any use for it this early in the game.

You will need Wild Hearts Silken Threads in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 to level up your gear. This saves you from the trouble of returning to Akikure Canyon to collect Silken Thread once you reach Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

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