Wild Hearts Lizard Bloom Locations: Where To Find Monitor Kemono

Lizard Bloom is a forging material that you get from either Springwatchs or Nightwatch Monitors in Wild Hearts.

Lizard Bloom is a forging material used for various crafting and upgrading purposes in Wild Hearts. As the name suggests, it is acquired from lizards but exactly which lizards will get you lizard bloom in Wild Hearts? Let’s find out.

How to get Lizard Blooms in Wild Hearts

Lizard bloom isn’t a drop from a major boss so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to struggle for it. To get lizard bloom in Wild Hearts, you simply have to find and defeat a bunch of small kemono called Springwatch Monitors or Nightwatch Monitors.

Springwatch or Nightshade Monitor locations can be found in several areas of Wild Heart. These Monitor kemonos are quite common in Harugasumi Way, Natsukodachi Isle and Akikure Canyon.

In Natsukodachi Isle, they are usually around Windswept Plain or Southern Obsidian Cave. For Akikure Canyon, look for monitor lizards near Buddha Cave or Six Points Lagoon.

Once you are within these areas, you can switch to the Small Kemono map tab and you should be able to spot Springwatch or Nightwatch Monitors on your map.

There are two ways to get lizard bloom from Springwatch and Nightwatch Monitors.

In order to get lizard bloom without having to fight these poisonous lizards, you can sneak up to them and pet the lizard. Petting a small kemono in Wild Hearts always drops a resource material.

Head to Natsukodachi Isle and make your way to Windswept Plain or Southern Obsidian Cave. After seeing a monitor lizard, crouch slowly towards it and try to reach as close as possible.

Then press the interact button after reaching the kemono’s back. Your character will pet the kemono, and it will drop a resource for you, i.e. the Lizard Bloom.

However, you must be careful while trying to pet the monitor lizards. These creatures are full of poison, and the poison ailment effects will transfer to you, so you need protection.

Try to equip poison resistance armor or consume food items that provide you with the required resistance before attempting to pet these lizards.

Just like every other creature in Wild Hearts, killing the monitor lizards also has a chance of dropping lizard bloom as a resource. Make your way to any of the possible monitor lizard locations mentioned above. Once you have found the lizard, simply attack and kill it. It shouldn’t take more than a few hits.

Once the lizard has been defeated, harvest its body to collect resources. However, the killing approach isn’t guaranteed to give you a Lizard Bloom. You will either get Lizard Bloom or Small Scale. So if you want a 100% chance of lizard bloom, petting is the best method.

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