Why Are You Getting Daily 25MB PUBG Update?

PUBG update that comes to your digital doorway every day is actually an anti-cheat measure. Developers release a daily 25MB update to handle hackers as much as possible.

PUBG updates release every now and then, adding new content, features, improvements, and changes.  Mostly, updates release weekly or monthly but there is one PUBG update that comes your way daily.  Many wonders what is going on, is there is something wrong with your game files, will checking the integrity of the files fix it? No, nothing will work.

If you are confused about why you are getting daily 25MB updates for PUBG, rest assured that there is nothing wrong at your end. The PUBG update is a way to keep hackers on their toes. It is a measure to tweak the anti-cheat system within the game, a daily bomb drop on hackers across the globe.

Due to the sheer size of the community and the number of hackers in the game, this seems like the most viable option right now. An ever-evolving solution is required to deal with hacking in PUBG and one of the solutions presented is to region lock China.

China has the highest number of hackers right now locking the region will at least improve the situation for rest of us. However, there are always ways to bypass it. Hacking is one of the major reason why players moved to Fortnite and made it surpass PUBG in terms of popularity.

PUBG is now available on PC and Xbox One.

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