How to Kill Mayor Galen Weeks in Weird West

This guide will tell you how to kill Mayor Galen Weeks and all the different ways you can interact with him in Weird West.

Mayor Galen Weeks is one of the most unlikeable characters of Weird West, with whom you will have to deal to get information about your missing husband. This guide will tell you how to kill Mayor Galen Weeks and all the different ways you can interact with him in Weird West.

Where to Find Mayor Weeks?

You will come across Mayor Weeks when you visit Galen’s Crossing. He is a powerful politician that has a deep hand in illegal activities. Mayor Weeks is a bad person with many ugly secrets.

He is also protected by high-power guards that can easily take you down in seconds if you try to do anything to the mayor.

Your business with Mayor Weeks is to get information about your missing husband. But the mayor will not be willing to give that information easily without asking for something in return.

He will ask you to get the deed to Bush Creek Farm during your first interaction with him. If you accept the deal and complete it, your reputation will be lowered because of working for this filthy person.

However, you can use another way to get information out of him. This will require you to get rid of Mayor Weeks by killing him and unlocking the safe in his room.

How to Kill Mayor Galen Weeks in Weird West

The task of killing the mayor is not easy as his guards always surround him. These guards are everywhere and will spot you as soon as you try to shoot the mayor.

This is why you need to do the following before you can kill the mayor:

  • Get a rifle with great damage.
  • Unlock the Sentry Silence Ability. This will hide your location when you shoot the gun.
  • Unlock the Ambusher Perk to increase the damage of the gun further.

Once you have completed the above requirements, head to the house’s Kitchen in which Mayor Weeks lives. The Kitchen will provide you with a view of the living room, and there are no guards in it most of the time.

Activate the Sentry Silence Ability and aim at the mayor when he is in your perfect view. Make sure you aim at the head and land the shot the first time.

Killing the mayor will not give your position away due to the Sentry Silence Ability, and the guards will be shocked.

Hide for some time and loot the body once the coast is clear. You will get an Ornamented Key from his body. To open the safe, head to his room on the second floor.

You will need to use the path from the outside as the stairs have a guard protecting the room. Go to the back of the house and jump on the boxes to get to the house’s roof. From there, jump on the balcony and enter the room.

Unlock the safe to collect Mayor Weeks’s message to the Stillwaters. The message will contain the information you need. You can also loot the room for more items and a Prison key.

The prison key will be used to unlock the man locked in the basement. Freeing the prisoner will give you another friend for life and more information about your husband.

Consequences for Killing Mayor Galen Weeks

Once you leave Galen’s Crossing and come back later, the townspeople will get hostile and shoot you. The gate to the town will be locked. You can unlock it by using three lockpicks.

Talk to Justin Ward to get a quest, where you need to get land titles back from him by breaking into Mayor Weeks’ office.