Skye Larsen’s Choices and Consequences in Watch Dogs Legion

One of the missions in Watch Dogs: Legion is "Into the Void" where you are required to make certain choices...

One of the missions in Watch Dogs: Legion is “Into the Void” where you are required to make certain choices regarding Skye Larsen’s fate. This guide will go over Watch Dogs Legion Skye Larsen’s Choices and their consequences.

Watch Dogs Legion Skye Larsen’s Choices

In order to complete Into the Void successfully, you need to make one of the two choices that are available to you.

What happens after you choose one of the Into the Void Choices will be explained in this guide. Whatever choice you make regarding Skye Larsen’s fate, it will directly affect your relationship with Nowt.

The choice will result in either Nowt being displeased or happy but don’t worry too much; Ultimately, things will be in your favor.

There are two choices for you to choose from, Kill or Upload. You will find Skye Larsen in a miserable condition where her life depends on two computers.

The right computer will result in her death, where the left one will let her live. But should you choose to kill or upload Skye Larsen? Let’s take a look at both choices and their consequences.


If you choose Skye Larsen’s fate as her death, then you need to interact with the right computer.

This will result in Skye Larsen dying immediately, upon which Nowt will be extremely delighted. And you will talk to her about the AI Skye Larsen created.

Nowt will later on also provide you some more side story quests when she visits DedSec’s safehouse later on.

Upload Skye Larsen

If you choose to let Skye Larsen live for the rest of her life, interact with the left computer. Nowt will be extremely displeased and disappointed regarding this choice.

She will hang up on you but later on call you back regarding the 404 Hub files the AI Skye Larsen created.

It’s most likely that she will still offer you side missions later on in the game, even if you choose Upload.

So regardless of the choice, you make while deciding Skye Larsen’s fate, the long-term consequences will be more or less the same.

In both cases, Nowt and you will talk about AI Skye Larsen created and probably work on it later too.