Watch Dogs Legion Secrets and Easter Eggs

This guide covers all of the Easter Eggs References and Secrets found in Watch Dogs Legion. Make sure to read...

This guide covers all of the Easter Eggs References and Secrets found in Watch Dogs Legion. Make sure to read till the end as there’s a creepy surprise waiting for you.

Watch Dogs Legion Secrets and Easter Eggs

There are a total of 13 Easter Eggs, References and Secrets found in Watch Dogs Legion.

Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg

In the mission “Gap in the Armour,” you are assigned a task to find a chap named Hamish at the battle Bridge who is planning to bomb his entire flat so that no one can find his data.

You must head up to the rooftop and use the ctOS terminal to disarm his booby traps. This is where you’ll find the first Assassin’s Creed Egg.

The second one is a reference that you’ll find at the Quanta bank. You can find the Abstergo Industry shown on the LED displaying the share prices.

As you may know by now, Watch Dogs Legion allows you to scan random NPCs and recruit them into your team.

Well, one of the Operatives was found to be Sandra Cassidy, a Professional Hitman who is in the search for “Jacob Frye descendants”; one of the main protagonists of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

The fourth and final Easter Egg is on the rooftop of the Tower of London.

Once you reach the top, you’ll find a red-colored shoe at the edge of the tower. The shoe belongs to Faith from the Mirror Edge series.

Arsenal Football Team

When assigned the objective to Investigate EPAF at Kennington Park, you can find a Reference to the team Arsenal near a person playing the Saxophone.

Eagles Flight

Two people are found playing a board game at the park, one of them starts a conversation and talks about how VR was the future and nobody talks about VR anymore.

Also, he shares his experience playing a game in which he was an Eagle flying around. This is clearly a reference to a VR game called Eagles Flight.

Watch Dogs 1 and 2 Easter Eggs

At the Safe House, you can find a police box there as well as a podcast clip that mentions Watch Dog 1 and 2.

A very interesting thing you’ll find is a Poster of the Sequel to Cyber Driver, which was being made during Watch Dogs 2 and once again, Jimmy Siska plays the main role in it.

If you played Watch Dogs 2, you might know the Driver San Fransisco missions. In Watch Dogs Legion, you can drive some driver cars, which are a reference to that mission.

Clara was a character in Watch Dogs 1 and you can now buy her T-Shirt from the DedSec HQ.

You’re assigned to collect 38 masks scattered all around the city. One of which is really hard to get.

Head over to the Robertson Scott hall building in the city and you’ll come across a ctOS terminal to hack that leads you to an underground area that looks like a DJ Party.

There’s a poster on the wall saying “Keep the Party Alive,” which is a reference to a dead character from Watch Dogs 1 named DJ JB Markowicz.


In the mission “Coming Home,” you’re tasked to investigate Skye Larsen’s lab. She tests subjects for her Experiments.

Hacking into the DATA Pads of the subjects leads you to a binary code in the Subject File. These Binary codes are decoded and they say the words “Jared Thanks you for digging.”

Queen Victoria

This last one is going to be really creepy. During the task “Escape through the catacombs,” you must make your way through the dark hallway where you’ll find a statue of Queen Victoria and hear the voices of a woman trying to speak behind the walls. What makes this creepy is the fact that the statue is always seeing you straight in the eye.

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