Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms Tech Point Locations Guide

This guide will highlight the location of all the Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms Tech Points for you to collect and upgrade gear with.

Tech points are used inside the game to buy and enhance different upgrades, tools, guns, and hacks, and you will need a plethora of them to optimize all. This guide will highlight the location of all the Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms Tech Points.

Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms Tech Point Locations

Nine Elms is one of the locations which has a total of 8 Tech Points. When you look at the map you may see marks on the map but beware, that’s not it.

Getting Tech Points can be significantly complicated and difficult therefore we have come up with a guide that will help you through the journey of gathering all the Tech Points in Nine Elms.

Tech Point – 1: Nine Elms Docks
There is a garage entrance on the right of the restricted area at Nine Elms Docks. An air vent is situated at the very end of the garage, on the right.

Deploy your Spider-Bot to access it. As you crawl on the metal sheets, you can find the Tech Points stuck on a wall.

Tech Point – 2: Albion Station Nine Elms
These Tech Points are located above Nine Elms Albion Station. The Cargo Drone is the fastest way to get up here.

Behind a wooden panel with a red cross that can be broken are the Tech Points.

Tech Point – 3: US Embassy
Inside the US Embassy perimeter, these Tech Points are near the water. You can get to it quickly via the Cargo Drone.

Tech Point – 4: Solar Garden
Head to the construction site. A floor with some ivy plants and a Spider-Bot air vent can be found here. To find the Tech Points, enter with the Spider-Bot here.

Tech Point – 5: North-West Nine Elms
Within a locked room are the Tech Points. Behind a destructible wooden wall below the structure of the Cargo Drone, the landing area is the turn.

Tech Point – 6: Nine Elms Walkway
This one is also located behind the wooden wall that you can destroy.

Tech Point – 7: Parcel Fox Distribution Centre
Go to the location of the Tech Points and access the distribution centre from the door found in the image below.

Head left once and drop down one step to find an entrance to the Spider-Bot air vent. The Tech Points are mid-way through this air vent.

Tech Point – 8: The Battersea
Dropdown into the water at Battersea, then search for a store named “Caramont” Above the entrance to this store are the Tech Points.

To grab them, you need to toss your Spider-Bot onto the metal sheets above

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