Watch Dogs 3 Is Set In London? Male and Female Characters?

4Chan lets out a gaming related leak, This one surrounding Watch Dogs 3, They described the game taking place in London as well and releasing within 2019.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series have had us step in the boots of two established American protagonists in the past. Aiden Pierce and Marcus Holloway in 1 and 2 respectively. A rumor from 4Chan recently stated definitive plans for the premise of Watch Dogs 3, including the setting inclusion of London.

– No new AC game in 2019. This year is Watch_Dogs 3.
– Watch dogs 3 will be set in London
– Focus more on smaller firearms and knives for combat with a larger emphasis on hacking
– New Character. Can choose male or female (like Far Cry 5), but same story.

So if we’re to believe the leak, Ubisoft will give their Assassin’s Creed franchise a breather this year. It makes sense with the whopping success of Odyssey and Origins.

But would Watch Dogs 3 really be based in London? Easily possible, though one thing to note about the setting of the first two games, it’s fictional. London, on the other hand, is a real city, so assuming this leak is true, that’s one factor that Watch Dogs 3 deviates from its predecessors.

The leak also stated a planned emphasis on hacking more than combat. Not that there’s anything wrong with combat, but sometimes it doesn’t fit in a setting where you’re a cunning hacker.

Combat can easily be found in other game options like Grand Theft Auto. The selling point of WD was to focus more on stealth and tech than guns and fists. The option being there is always nice, of course.

The third point that the leak made was of the character’s gender being left to the player for choosing. The story proceeds the same regardless of the choice, so this step was more for roleplayers. The leak compared it to Far Cry 5, even though it’s more similar to Odyssey, which uses the same process.

Assuming Watch Dogs 3 does release this year, there’s also the question of accessibility. Specifically, if the game will even be available. Since it could end up being on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett. 

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