Watch Destiny Player Take on Crota with Only Voice Commands

We’ve seen a few interesting ways to play Destiny, including taking on bosses with a Rock Band drumkit. In a new video, one person has taken on Crota by just using his voice.

It seems to be the done thing right now to solo some of the harder bosses in Destiny, but to actually manage to do battle in the game only using voice commands is impressive. This was revealed on Reddit with the video posted on YouTube by user Sean Gallagher.

To make this possible voice commands had to be created, but there were also some drawbacks to using this method. It appears there was a 1-1.5 second delay in commands. When the battle is getting heated, this is obviously something you don’t want to happen. Here are some of the details revealed by the player who managed to do it:

“First off, and once again, I’d like to give a huge shout-out to fUnderdog for spending A LOT of time on this. He individually created each voice command and some of them were a complex combination of moves. For example: “Take him down” triggered “hold Y to bring out heavy, RT to slam the exotic sword, hold X to pick up the relic.” Moves like this were only created to make the run possible. I tested using individual commands, and due to latency issues, there just wasn’t enough time to actually damage Crota enough to win. If the commands could be executed individually, they were.

Anyway, this run was both fun and frustrating. The 1-1.5 second delay in the commands was rough to deal with. The non-linear movements of Destiny created tough situations to deal with. Swordbearer RNG and Crota RNG movements were difficult to deal with. Memorizing the commands was a task in its own haha. I messed up a few of the 50+ commands on multiple occasions.

Now let’s talk about the last sword…. haha. I got SO lucky with the sword aim assist. I think my reaction is pretty funny as well. I legitimately thought I failed at first, only to realize that the amazing sword SOMEHOW made contact with Crota for the final hit. I’ll take it!”

It’ll be interesting to see if we see other ways to play Destiny, though I have to admit I prefer the more traditional style.

What are your thoughts on this new video? Are you impressed by this new way to play the game? Let us know your thoughts below.

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