Best Wartales Berserker Build Guide

The Berserker is the specialization of the Warrior class in Wartales that enters the battlefield angrily and leaves a trail of destruction.

The Berserker is the specialization of the Warrior class in Wartales that enters the battlefield angrily and leaves a trail of destruction in their way! They are a great Tank, taking many hits and dealing massive damage to the enemies.

They also have one of the highest Burst damage abilities in Wartales, with the highest potential for burst damage. On top of that, the Berserker comes with a lethal Area of Effect damage since nearly all the weapons in this class do AoE damage.

Wartales offers an array of skills for each character class in the game. It takes a long time to grind up the experience necessary to grab these skills, so you likely wish to make a build choice that best suits your playstyle.

This guide will discuss the best skills, equipment, and specialization to use as the Berserker in Wartales. We have also covered the best Wartales builds on ArcherSwordsman, and Ranger.

Best Wartales Berserker build

All four specializations or builds in the Warrior Class, including the Berserker, Executioner, Sentinel, and Barbarian, are excellent and efficient in their ways. We will discuss the aspects of Berserker build and the skills and equipment that synergize with it.

Best skills for Berserker

In Wartales, skills for different character classes come in three shapes, active, passive, and base skills. No definitive thing measures the efficiency of any of these types, as sometimes a passive skill can overshadow the active ones and vice versa. You only have to ensure that each skill matches the build you already have decided to progress.

Level 2

Rampage (Melee-Strength): This skill grants one valor point every time it gets activated.

With this skill, your character can deal 23-35% more damage to the target. Every time you successfully land a Critical Hit, it gets you a Fury. Fury enhances the damage dealt to an enemy by 50% in the next attack.

Rampage is so intense that you can go near an elite or boss, just put it on them, and immediately watch them getting out of existence.

Level 3

Valorous Duel (Passive): Every time your unit engages in combat, you gain a Valor Point.

This bonus is pretty cool and does what it says. You do not need to kill an enemy, hit multiple enemies, or do other tasks for this skill to activate in Wartales. Start the fight with this skill, and the Valor Point is yours. This is the best Valor Point gaining skill for Berserkers in Wartales.

Level 5

Recklessness (Passive): This passive will offer players to deal 100% extra damage by their first skill in the fight.

This skill’s power to your character is insane and completely synergizes with the Berserker build in Wartales. You must ensure you don’t waste it on a normal weak adversary and use it on a boss or party leader.

The best strategy is to use this skill at the start of a battle with a strong enemy. This way, your allies will have to deal with fewer enemies in the later fight stages, and victory will be easily achievable. Moreover, you will have fewer enemies to take damage from and fewer allies to move around their positions.

Level 8

Battle Cry (6m area): For Two rounds, everyone in a specific area gets Brutality. The unit and all allies in the area gain Brutality for two rounds. Brutality is a status effect that increases the damage to the enemy party by 30%.

The benefit of this particular skill is that it has an extended range of effect, i.e., six meters. Moreover, it lasts two rounds, allowing every ally to inflict increased damage. This skill is like a support for the Berserkers, as it buffs nearly everyone in your team without discrimination.

Best weapon for Berserker

Splitter (Requires Level 5)

A two-handed mighty axe for the angry Berserkers.

  • Strength: +47
  • Critical Hit: +10%

This weapon has the Slide and Dice skill capacity embedded in it, which deals 100% damage to all the units in the area of attack. Sharpening Oil with this axe can increase the already lethal damage power to its maximum strength.

Best Armor for Berserker

Outlaw’s Hauberk (Requires Level 7)

  • Guard: +19%
  • Armor: +113
  • Strength: +2

The critical hit on the Berserker build is the one thing that works the best among other damage effects. This medium armor fulfills this condition by giving the character a 7% increased CRIT chance.

The best layer you can use with this chest piece is the Reinforced Layer of the Serpent. This one gets you two CRITs and two STR, so putting it in the armor is recommended if there’s any slot left.

Best Profession for Berserker

The Blacksmith and the Tinkerer are great Professions to use with the Berserkers in Wartales. The Blacksmith can be utilized to increase the strength of your character, whereas the Tinkerer will be useful in enhancing the Critical Hit chance. Choosing any of them can be the best choice to achieve maximum damage gains.

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