Warner’s Harry Potter RPG Features An Open-World Hogwarts, Releases Late 2021

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has for long been rumored to be working on an ambitious Harry Potter role-playing game. The unannounced project has now received some new details, albeit through third-party channels.

According to a new report from Bloomberg author Jason Schreier earlier today, the “big-budget” Harry Potter game will feature a “vast” open-world that includes not only a recreated Hogwarts but also the surrounding areas.

Avalanche Software—not to be confused with Avalanche Studios—is leading development and the Harry Potter game is internally scheduled for release in late 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The current-generation platforms, as well as PC, were mentioned in a previous rumor and that could still happen.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is said to be planning an announcement for the DC FanDome event in August. Incidentally, over the weekend, at least four new Harry Potter domains were registered by the publisher.

The dubbed Harry Potter RPG has been rumored to be in development for the past three or four years. The project was ousted back in 2018 when footage of an early build began circulating on the internet. Not many took the leak for anything at the time, at least not until more rumors and reports came pouring in about a triple-a Harry Potter project in the works at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Suffice to say, the game is probably a badly kept secret right now.

The Harry Potter game will reportedly allow players to role-play as their own wizards or witches, right down to their bloodlines to indicate if they are pure-bloods, half-bloods, or muggle-born. Strangely enough, the same rumor mill has also claimed the game to be actually dark and not meant for children.

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