Warhammer 40K Space Marine Weapons Guide

Weapons for a soldier are as important as an axe for a woodcutter. Warhammer 40000: Space Marine features different heroes which carry weapons to annihilate the opponent forces. These weapons are of different categories– Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons and Melee Weapons. Read on for a brief description on each of these Warhammer 40K Space Marine Weapons.

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Weapons

Light Weapons

This is the standard Space marine assault weapon. It fires self-propelled missiles (bolts) that on hitting the target explode and blow it apart from inside. It can be used against a wide range of targets.

Bolt Pistol
The bolt pistol is usually wielded along the chainsword just like a side arm. It has the same features as of a bolter but has lesser damage.

Plasma Pistol
This pistol will dethrone the Bolt Pistol as your infinite ammo weapon. Its most noteworthy ability is that it can shoot a very powerful charge shot. Do note that it does overheat pretty quick.

Kraken Bolter
The Kraken Bolter upgrade is pretty much just a new and improved version of the Bolter.

Heavy Weapons

Stalker Pattern Bolter
It is an upgraded version of Bolter. The weapon is common among Ultramarines and is more effective than its simpler variant. The weapon is useful at both medium and long-range combat.


Plasma Gun
This rifle fires the plasma that can melt enemy’s armor and vehicles. It may sound cool but the exhaustive use of this weapon can even harm its own carrier.

Vengeance Launcher
The Vengeance Launcher shoots sticky bombs in a circular path. These bombs can be triggered after they stick, or you can blow them up as they’re reaching the target.

This weapon works amazingly well with large groups of enemies, you can take out a bunch of them at the same time, effortlessly. Overall, the Vengeance Launcher also has some of the best damage output in the game.

Melta Gun
The Metla Gun is a powerful shotgun which shoots out a strong blast at a relatively wide radius. The only downside is that it has a very small amount of ammo. If used correctly, at the right range, it can be very devastating.

Storm Bolter
The Storm bolter is basically the Bolter with a much greater fire rate. However, the accuracy is not as good from long distances.

The Lascannon is an excellent sniper. It does not have much ammo, but it compensates with its incredible damage and accuracy.


Combat Knife

It is the weakest melee weapon, you’ll get rid of it quick as the Chainsword will permanently take its place.

The sharp edge of this sword can cut through armor, flesh and bones. Units carrying these swords will be like Samurai warriors who will slice any living tissue or armor that come in their way.

Power Sword
This melee weapon performs the same function as the Chainsword and the Power Axe. It is more damaging than the Chainsword but lesser than the heavier weapons like the Power Axe.

This melee weapon builds up an energy charge which is damaging enough to affect anything in the impact zone. Speed is compromised for high damaging ability.

So it’s a mix of melee weapons along with bolt guns. Do you like to slaughter your enemy using Thunderhammer or explode their bodies using bolt projectiles? Tell us DAMNIT!

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