VGAs to Offer “Sneak Peek” at Next-Gen, Samuel L. Jackson Back as Host

This year's VGAs will offer a "sneak peek" at the next-generation of gaming...

Spike TV has announced that the 10th anniversary of the Video Game Awards (VGAs) will take place this December 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET and will, once again, feature Samuel L. Jackson (The Avengers) as the host.

Jackson had this to say regarding his fourth stint as the awards show host.

I’m thrilled to once again preside over the biggest night of gaming. And to all the gamers out there – you better circle the date right now and not make any plans that night – you don’t want to be that one guy among your friends who misses this show.

While the show will no doubt try and pull as much star power as it can, the biggest draw in the show is the insane amount of exclusive announcements and world premieres the event brings to the table.

And it seems this year won’t disappoint. According to the press release, “this year, ‘VGA Ten’ will provide a sneak peak of the next generation of gaming.”

Whoa! Now that’s a big claim! Of course, we don’t know if that means we’ll see more Unreal Engine 4 footage or if Microsoft and Sony has something to show in regards to their next-gen platforms.

I’m really hoping it’s not just a tech demo for Epic’s engine or another Wii U sizzle reel.

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