Vergil Was Part Of Devil May Cry 4, Here Is How You Missed It (Spoilers)

Devil May Cry 5 is around the corner but while we wait I am going to talk about an important detail that you might have missed if you have played the previous game, Devil May Cry 4. Not the Ninja Theory DmC but the original series. Even if you have played the game over and over you might have missed this detail because it was cut from the game and you can only see this small detail in the manga.

It turns out that Vergil was part of the game, in a sense but it was portrayed differently in the game as compared to the manga. In the scene where Nero awakens and his devil trigger is activated Nero talked about how his arm changed and how he heard voices in his heard about needing more power.

With this new information in mind, it makes sense why Nero absorbed Yamato in order to gain the power the defeat his enemies and get out of the tough spot that he was in. According to the mango, Dante is able to hear Vergil when he encounters Nero for the first time and Dante hears him whisper “You were always good at getting on my nerves.”Later, Dante goes back in order to confirm what he heard. If you did not know already, Nero is Vergil’s son.

Devil May Cry 4

If you are a fan of the Devil May Cry series then you know that Vergil is very well known for making that statement over and over again. While we know that it is actually Vergil’s devil trigger behind Nero, in the manga, Nero actually has a conversation with Vergil and he asks Nero what he would do in order to save his love.

Nero replies that he would do anything to save her and in response, Vergil says that in order to do so he needs more power. If you have read the manga then you might already know this but it is interesting to see that Vergil was, in fact, part of the story but he was cut out of the game. If you follow the lore than it is more than likely that you made the connection but this is still very interesting to know.

I am a fan of the Devil May Cry series and Devil May Cry 4 is one of my favorite games. I have played the game multiple times and connected to dots but I did find this very interesting indeed and I thought that you would think the same as well.

Nero has a different arm in Devil May Cry 5 and I am interested in checking out how it will impact his abilities, even though I am a fan of the original one. There are a couple of new characters in the game, Nico is supposed to be a very likable character and we also have some information regarding who V is and what he can do.

Let us know what you think about Devil May Cry 4 and whether or not this is something that you had already figured out on your own.

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