Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Prisms Puzzle Solution

The prism puzzle in Uncharted Lost Legacy is one of the more interesting puzzles that you stumble upon in Chapter 7 of the game. Once you activate all the waterfalls next to the Shiva statue the puzzle will start.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Shiva statue prisms puzzle solution

The instructions for this puzzle are very specific and to solve it on your own you have to really pay attention. Follow the instruction below to get the solution to UC The Lost Legacy Prisms Puzzle.

Step 1: Rotate the first statue so the light rays are reflected at an almost 90-degree angle, which will illuminate a statue on the left.

Step 2: Head to the left side of the ruins and go to the third statue. The statue moves in a straight line so you must move it beneath the mirror that you’ll see if you look up.

Step 3: Head to the second statue and spin it so it faces the third statue.

Step 4: The light rays will now be reflecting off the third statue and onto the mirror above it that you aligned the statue with earlier.

Step 5: Head to the area east of the prism and approach the damaged statue. Examining it will trigger Nadine to stand in the statue’s place while holding the mirror.

Step 6: Move the statue that’s on the rails so that it can reflect light from the mirror Nadine is holding onto the ceiling.

The above steps should complete the puzzle and trigger a cutscene after which you will have to escape the area with Asav’s men chasing you.

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