Uncharted 4 Outfits: How To Unlock

In this guide we will go over the process of unlocking outfits for all the characters in Uncharted 4 and what you can expect from them.

While Uncharted 4 might be a singleplayer action-adventure game with no room for RPG mechanics, the game still allows you to customize characters to some extent. This means that you can change the dressing of every major character in Uncharted 4 by having them wear different outfits.

If you are curious about how to change the appearance of the characters in UC4, allow us to explain how to unlock and equip various outfits on not only Nate but other side characters as well.

How to unlock all outfits in Uncharted 4

To unlock outfits, the first thing that you will need to do is complete the game. Once the game is completed, you will get the option to buy outfits using the medal points.

You can go to the Bonus menu in singleplayer mode and change your outfit by spending some points. These outfits are different from multiplayer skins of UC4.

Keep in mind that these outfits do not allow you to play as these characters in Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. The outfits are strictly cosmetic and change the appearance of how these side characters appear.

Below you will find all outfits available for each character in UC4 and the cost to purchase them

How to unlock Nathan Drake outfits

You can unlock each Nathan Drake outfit by spending 3 Points.

  • Default Outfit
  • Nathan Drake – Dive Suit
  • Nathan Drake – Home
  • Nathan Drake – Jumpsuit
  • Nathan Drake – Auction
  • Nathan Drake – Scotland
  • Nathan Drake – Scotland Outro
  • Nathan Drake – Island
  • Nathan Drake – Office
  • Nathan Drake – King’s Bay
  • Nathan Drake – Epilogue Office
  • Nathan Drake – Epilogue
  • Nathan Drake – Auction Fight

How to unlock Samuel Drake outfits

You can unlock each Samuel Drake outfit by spending 2 Points.

  • Default Outfit
  • Samuel Drake – Prison
  • Samuel Drake – Hotel
  • Samuel Drake – Scotland
  • Samuel Drake – Scotland Outro
  • Samuel Drake – Madagascar
  • Samuel Drake – King’s Bay
  • Samuel Drake – Office
  • Samuel Drake – Prison 2
  • Samuel Drake – Jumpsuit
  • Samuel Drake – Auction
  • Samuel Drake – Waiter

How to unlock Victor Sullivan’s outfits

You can unlock each Victor Sullivan outfit by spending 2 Points.

  • Default Outfit
  • Victor Sullivan – Auction
  • Victor Sullivan – Scotland
  • Victor Sullivan – Madagascar
  • Victor Sullivan – Island
  • Victor Sullivan – Hotel

How to unlock Elena Fisher’s outfits

You can unlock each Elena Fisher outfit by spending 2 Points.

  • Default Outfit
  • Elena Fisher – Island
  • Elena Fisher – King’s Bay
  • Elena Fisher – Office
  • Elena Fisher – Home
  • Elena Fisher – Home 2
  • Elena Fisher – Madagascar
  • Elena Fisher – Epilogue

How to unlock Nadine Ross’s outfits

You can unlock each Nadine Ross outfit by spending 1 Point.

  • Default Outfit
  • Nadine Ross – Auction
  • Nadine Ross – Island
  • Nadine Ross – Island End
  • Nadine Ross – Scotland

How to unlock Rafe Adler’s outfits

You can unlock each Rafe Adler outfit by spending 1 Point.

  • Default Outfit
  • Rafe Adler – Scotland
  • Rafe Adler – Island
  • Rafe Adler – Prison
  • Rafe Adler – Auction
  • Rafe Adler – Island End
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