Uncharted 4 Dialogue Options Won’t be Too Prevalent in the Game Say Naughty Dog

For those who weren't impressed with the addition of dialogue options in Uncharted 4, don't worry they won't get in the way of the action.

At PlayStation Experience, one of the surprising things to be revealed was the dialogue options in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. With the Uncharted series being more about action, dialogue is often an afterthought.

For those who may feel a little worried about these options slowing the pace of the game, don’t worry that won’t be too prevalent in the final version. This was revealed when Neil Druckmann was talking to Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller.

“There were a few spots in the game where we felt dialogue options would give us something interesting,” said Druckmann. “So with Sam talking to Nate about his adventures, we thought this was cool nod to the fans. Where would Nate start the story? Let’s give fans the option so they can start the story wherever they want.”

On this game being the last game in the series he had this to say:

“These characters are real to us,” said Druckmann. “When we’re writing for them you can hear their voices in your head. But it felt it was time to wrap it up. We felt like we really came up with something that looks at the three previous games as the start of an arc and this is the finish.”

For fans of the action in the Uncharted games, the lack of dialogue options may be good news. There may be some though that were more excited about being able to choose what Nathan says in the game, and this may be a disappointment. We’ll have to see just what the balance is in the final game.

What are your thoughts on the dialogue options in Uncharted 4? Let us know your thoughts below.

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